Seedstars: Forget Aid and Volunteering, Here are the Businesses that Drive Real Impact

Have you ever been in the same place with the 60 best startups from emerging markets? No? Put away your TV, your apps, and let me invite you to a snapshot of innovation around the world.

There’s the 13-year old from Myanmar who aims to connect 45k+ schools to technology. Or the French-Vietnamese woman based in Morocco providing free wifi through showing ads when people connect on their device. Or DoctHERs from Pakistan who are connecting female stay-at-home doctors with those who can barely afford basic care. Or AlemHealth, the award-winning startup from Dubai which is connecting hospitals in emerging markets with a global network of healthcare specialists.

What they all have in common? An incredible drive to live their passion and grow their high-impact companies. With a strong focus on solving their countries’ worst problems, they believe in business driving economic growth and creating jobs to improve people’s lives. 90% of all new jobs will be created by the private sector and one billion people will be joining the workforce in the next years.

Last week, the finals of Seedstars World took place in Lausanne, Switzerland. A unique event, just three years old, but run by a small but super dedicated group of young people (got reminded of a certain quote? 😉 ). They’ve expanded to over 50 countries in just 3 years and gotten the support of companies like lastminute.com, AP Swiss, Hublot, and many more. Over one million dollar in equity investment and funding awaits the winner, as well as a notable amount of press, new businesses, connections, and a global learning experience.

During the year, Seedstars hosts competitions in various countries in emerging markets and choose the best startups from each. Spotting for high-impact companies, Seedstars is doing well in sourcing and selecting these startups. Once all finalists from all countries are selected, they meet for the worldwide finals in Lausanne, Switzerland. Save the date for next year: 16th March 2017.

The finals were joined by representatives from the most influential companies, media, and known investors. 500Startups, Google, Facebook, Amazon, lastminute.com, AP Swiss, CNBC Africa, wamda, EntrepreneurME, and many more. This mixture doesn’t just give a lot of opportunity for exposure, but also a good ground for business and networking. This year’s winner, Giraffe from South Africa, showcased once more the power of a story and that focusing on finding solutions for other people’s problems is the best way you can add value.


If you want to get an overview of what’s going on in emerging markets and how economies can really be improved, then keep an eye on Seedstars or participate in an event near you!

Photo Credit: Entrepreneur.com

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