Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve: Why Commitment Is Key To Success

The majority of the things we want in life require large commitments. Be it keeping your relationship together longer than the average Hollywood couple, scoring that A you’ve always aimed for or even launching that  successful startup – everything you wish would reach that optimum point requires some serious commitment. Now Im not talking about caring about your woman once a month, telling her that you love her and then acting like a complete ass for the next 29 to 30 days. Im not talking about doing some market research for an hour once a week – Im talking about serious commitment – to the point where it becomes a natural habit, an everyday routine.

Now I know commitment is scary, not knowing what might happen to all that hard work you’ve put in. Knowing that there is that possibility of everything falling down and crumbling to the ground. So you continue to live life within your comfort zone, doing everything with a safety net hanging under you – just in case disaster hits. You thereby prevent, decline and kill all that mind-blowing potential you have, suppressing once in a life time opportunities. In other words, your on the road towards sitting behind a boring desk from 9 to 5 for the rest of your life, waiting for that average paycheck.

In order to win big, you have to bet big – go ALL IN! You want to keep that spark alive? Gotta commit. Want to find that perfect investor who will rocket your business? Gotta commit. Want that Ryan Gossling body? Commit commit commit! Wrap your head around this, no one in the history of anything has ever been paid dividends they didn’t invest in, get it? Just like the basic laws of physics, with every action there is a reaction – so if your plan this summer is to pray and hope that you’ll one day become a millionaire, while all your doing is praying and hoping, well, try it out – see what happens.

And last but not least, with commitment comes consistency. That means that “Almost” doest really count. “Wanted to” doesn’t really cut it. “Thought about” wont work – and the list goes on and on. There is only “I did” and “I didn’t”. And yes, we can all face the difficulty of actually whole heartedly committing to something, but once you do, when you wholeheartedly commit to something, you unleash a side of yourself that is bigger, bolder, and better – a side that is surreal. Because trust me, as scary as it might be, committing to something rather than “fitting in” feels absolutely amazing as you run your own race without thinking about other biased “constructive criticisms”. Being passionate about what you do, committing to what your working on whole heartedly shows you what you really are made of, feeling a level of power you haven’t really felt before.

Listen, I know there are some areas of your life that you want to improve, I know it because we are all designed that way. So my question is;  are you willing to be committed to revolutionizing your life? Or have you already committed to your beloved comfort zone, promising her you´ll be there every night.

You don’t have to change everything at once. Start with one area of your life, a catalyst is all you need. A spark which fires you up. Decide that today, on this particular day, is the day you will choose commitment over complacency.

Go Forth, Be Great.