Show off? Why You Should Always Flaunt Your Success

I can’t be the only one who has, once or twice, hated on that silverspooned douch who keeps on Instagraming his latest “baby” which he’s added to his car collection or that annoying chick that just keeps on Facebooking her newest haute couture handbag, I definitely can’t be the only one. Because that’s what we do, when we don’t have it as good as someone, when we feel like we’ve been undermined by someone’s materialistic possessions, we tend to point fingers, manipulate and gossip just to comfort our self-centered ego that clearly lacks that glorified “bling bling”. But what we constantly forget, blinded by the exterior of the newest handbag, latest car or even that up-to-date outfit, is that there is (most of the time) an extremely solid foundation from where all of that came from. A foundation that took years to build, groundwork that took blood, sweat and tears to construct.

I mean, if you managed to get million dollar investors to invest in your start-up, rising it to stratospheric heights with a potential to become the next big thing, what would you do? Go offline, turning off your phone, logging out of Facebook and removing Snapchat because you simply don’t want to offend anyone with your hard earned astonishing achievements that took you years to build and earn? Not post a picture of your brand new Bently on every single social medium to avoid the attention? Not tell your closest friends about how happy you are? If you answered yes on the above questions, I might have a reasonable explanation that might just snap you out of it.

Guilt is the word I am looking for. You might be familiar with the guilt,  the shame that comes with the inability of being able to do something to control our own fate, success’s guilt is very similar. You see, with the glorifying perks of success, guilt will start to appear, success guilt, which is the kind of embarrassment or shame which actually comes and is associated with having mastered our fate and in that case, having succeeded in achieving our goals.Why? Well to avoid that negative “attention” that comes with grandeur.

I personally think it’s messed up, I mean as the collective social pressure to become successful has reached its peak in today’s modern and “successful” world, we still find it difficult, we still have that inability to credit our achievements and ourselves. Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, had a hypothesis that our dysfunctional inability to credit our own success comes from our personal inability to satisfy and fulfill our fantasies – maybe something to think about.

There seems to be this common theory that; when we succeed in something, it’s pure luck; but when we fail, well, that’s all on you. It’s like there is this collective social norm where bringing down and degrading ourselves is normal. It’s almost, just almost, like our success has become sickening, almost offensive, while our failures are more “discussable”. Our insecure, self-centered and liberal society has turned the words pride and success into arrogance and frivolous. It’s turning into this  mainstream world where individuals are so busy popping bottles, posting pictures and arguing over why “Ryan Gosling  is so much hotter than Channing Tatum” at the age of 16, that they forget what hard work and perseverance results in.

Now I am not saying that you should Snapchat every fancy car you drive or Instagram every over-priced meal you eat, I’m just saying, that feeling, that euphoric emotional feeling is all a part of success, and showing it off to the world is just a part of the game. So when it really comes to showing off your latest purchase or experience, here is why you should show it off!

Wrap this around your head; You worked hard for what you have!

Look, unless you’re a Kardashian, that promotion sure as hell didn’t just pop up at your desk. You busted your ass off to achieve your success, no matter what it was. Hell if it was an award for eating the most chocolate donuts in an hour, you still had to be pretty damn determined to get it done – and most probably outstripped most people’s efforts in achieving that recognition that comes with success, something you deserve! And look, I get that luck, a one time thing, might deserve a hyped “OMG”, but hard work, determination and perseverance demands a more significant and whole hearted reaction –  a reaction that keeps that spark alive, but then again, we’re not all that “loving”.

No, not anybody can do what you did

Ever heard the expression, “You’re not that special, anybody could have done that”. I mean please enlighten me with how you managed to capture that mind-blowing successful opportunity that boosted your career, please do tell me! Some of us tend to always have this mindset that if we can do it, someone else can also do it, and maybe even a hundred times better. Now yes, there will always be someone out there who is going through the same path in order to kick you off your pedestal, but as of now, you’re at the top, you’ve got the throne. And if there was a bunch of people who could do what you did, how come they haven’t done it yet?

You’re that 1% because instead of waisting your time on getting invited to that “it” party, you wisley invested it in yourself, in yourself to be an  Elite. Don’t give in, don’t give up.

Success Is What Keeps The World Going

Just imagine if Martin Cooper, the “inventor” of the first cell phone, bowed to the “constructive criticism” he got when developing the world’s greatest technological breakthrough – imagine if he hadn’t succeeded? Frankly, I would love to avoid the monthly obligated phone calls to my distant relatives I haven’t really meet – ever, but you get the point.

It doesn’t matter if your success is something collectively beneficial or personally victorious, without new innovations and inspiring leaders, our “thriving” world would, well, it wouldn’t thrive. So here is a tip for you, don’t be mainstream, go against the stream.

Haters Gonna Hate

Haters are gonna hate, it’s really that simple. It actually might be the only ultimate reason why you should never give up on your success – because there will always be someone with an opinion. No matter what you do, someone is going to hate. If you give up on your dreams, you’re going to be known as the lazy weak prick who gave in to society’s pressure and if you succeed, well, then you’re a self-conceited brat. Pick one.  There will, get this, always be a bunch a people who are willing to piss on your dreams in order to cover up theirs.

Shove it in their face, you’re worth it!

Picture Credit: Flickr

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