Simple Ways That Girls Can Take Better Care Of Their Natural Hair

Black hair is beautiful, whether it is braided, natural, or relaxed. But, most people assume that their hair is not easy to take care of, although it is. The issue is that the beautiful black hair can be dry and brittle. Taking care of black hair needs you to take a little bit more effort and time. The silky, soft, and healthy results will definitely be worth all the effort you put in.

The issue is that most people find this type of hair difficult. They often have no idea what to do to make it beautiful. While applying heat will work for a few hours, it may not last for the long run. Here are a few tips on how black girls need to take better care of their hair.

Wash Your Hair Less Regularly

It may feel extremely great to wash your hair every day, but this does not work for African hair. With this type of hair, you only need to wash it once every two weeks- twice at most. When washed too often, it tends to brittle and dry. Less frequent washing will prevent dryness, and when done after every two weeks, it prevents product buildup.

If you cannot find shampoos and conditioners meant for ethnic hair, ensure that you buy one meant for dry hair. If you feel like washing yours more often, be sure to dilute the shampoo with some water.

Not Wrapping Your Head When You Sleep

If you do not cover your head with a scarf when you go to bed, the pillows and sheets will absorb moisture from your hair and in the morning, it will appear dry. In an attempt to make the hair look great, you will apply more products and heat. Always wrap your hair with a silk scarf to maintain the moisture and keep your hairstyles on for a longer period. To keep your hair beautifully hydrated, ensure that the veil is on all night. However, do not tie it too tight that your head hurts or you are too uncomfortable to get adequate rest.

Delaying Treatments

During the cold weather, ethnic hair struggles the most. What is even worse is that the central heating will dry out the hair and leave it dehydrated and dull. This is why when you wash your hair, you should ensure that you treat it. Applying some form of hair treatment once every two weeks will rehydrate it, strengthen and maintain its health. You should also apply your ingrowth hair serum to keep your hair growing at a steady rate. The serum will continue working in your hair for two weeks and will keep it healthy.

Using Too Much Heat

In an attempt to keep hair looking silk and straight, most naturalists will result to flat ironing and blow-drying. This ends up damaging their cuticles and causes the strands to split and dry out. Instead of using tonging and blow-drying methods, you need to try other methods that do not need heat being applied to the hair. Each time you choose to style with heat, make sure to use protection using an ingrown hair serum that helps guard the hair against damage.

Using the Wrong Hairbands

Have you ever tied your hair with a rubber band? Removing it is a nightmare, it ends up breaking hair and damaging it. It pulls at the cuticles and causes more harm than you would have imagined. You, therefore, need to stick to satin and silk bands. These protect them from damage and give your hair happier days. Just as you invest on high quality designer watches for women, you have to buy the best hairbands for your hair.


Finally, you can enjoy your hair’s journey, look good, and feel great. If you use better shampoos, prevent regular heat and wind exposure, then you will love how perfect your hair will look. While you are on the subject, remember that the diet you eat also affects the health of your hair.

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