Smart Money: Budget-Boosting Strategies for 2019

Youre well on your way to crushing your New Years resolutions and its only just the start of 2019. But you feel like theres more you could be doing to boost your budgeting strategy for 2019. Youre in luck because weve got some of the best budget-boosting strategies you probably havent even thought of yet! From saving your extra pocket change to turning your talents into profit, weve got some ideas for how you can rack in additional cash for your summer vacation fund or even a home deposit.

Build a real budget

First things firstif youre going to boost your budget, youve got to establish a real budget to follow. Whether you opt for a massive Excel spreadsheet detailing all of your monthly expenses and income or you go with a budgeting app like Albert, constructing a realistic budget is the first step in the process. If you havent ever created a budget before, using an app is an easy solution to help you save automatically and analyze where you might be overspending. Once you have some clear goals and a process in line, you can start taking action to actually make progress increasing your savings account.

Choose the bank and credit card best for your lifestyle

Not every bank or credit card company is created equal. Some banks charge much higher fees than others or offer lower contribution rates that can help build your accounts as you continue banking with them. Instead of going with a big bank, you may want to see what your local credit union has to offer. Not familiar with the credit unions in your area? Try searching your city and credit union, for example, google Manchester credit union if youre trying to find credit union options in the New Hampshire area. If you find yourself banking in Texas, try a search for an Austin credit union.

In addition to banking, credit card companies often vary as far as rates and rewards go. When youre looking for a new credit card, keep this in mind. Use a comparison app like Card Ratings to help you figure out what card would work best for you, and even find some featured offers.

Save on extra expenses

Being a millennial can be pretty expensive. Whether youre out brunching with your pals or hopping from event to event, there are plenty of expenses that can put a dent in your budget before you see your savings accumulate. But what millennials do have an edge on (where previous generations dont) is access to more resources and savings help than ever before. If youre curious about how you can lower your spending and cut down on some extra expenses, check these tools out:

– Rent the Runway: If youve got a ton of events to go to but not enough to wear, check out Rent the Runway to save on outfit costs and rent a wedding outfit or even a gala dress instead of having to buy a new wardrobe each time.

– OfferUp: Buy and sell your stuff locally and for cheaper than buying new items at the store! OfferUp has just about anything you may need for your home or closet for a fraction of the retail cost.

– Honey: Serious about saving? Check out the Honey extension to automatically generate promo codes for your favorite websites. If you do have to spend, you may as well get the best deal you can!

Find a part-time gig

If youve got a little extra free time on your hands and you want to ramp up your savings account for a big purchase or the trip of a lifetime, find a fun part-time job! Not only is a part-time position a great way to meet new people…you also get paid and can learn about your interests. Love craft beer? See what job postings Brewbound has to offer and get a job pouring drafts at your local brewery.

See the world and get paid

Have you caught the travel bug but youre worried about staying on top of your budget? Check out Workaway, where you can link up with a job opportunity, get work experience, stay with a host, and travel the world. Rather than missing out on missed wages during your vacation time, you can maintain your income and satisfy your hunger to see the world!

In conclusion

Saving on a small budget can be challenging especially when there are so many expensive temptations with online shopping, fancy brunching, and rent rising. But with these tips, you can make 2019 your best budgeting year yet!

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