Smart Money: Today’s Popular Investing Strategies

Have you ever wondered why people like to listen to “experts” and “gurus?” Information is a large part of what helps push new ideas forward and change behaviors in society today. People listen to experts because of their interest in what a professional or “guru” knows about a particular subject. They offer value with their information and knowledge. Experts and gurus have become ever more popular also because of the wide varieties of informative media and mediums. Simply stated, we are attracted to them in a way a child is drawn to a parent. They are leaders who share an interest with those who seek them out.

Starting Out

Have you ever thought about investing, or learning about investment strategies, and thought to yourself, “Where do I begin?” or “Do I need a guru?” Let’s start with where to begin. The first part of investing begins with the investor. If you do not know about investing, it is a good idea to first educate yourself. Before you listen to anyone’s advice, you have to understand the world of investing for yourself. People lose and gain based on knowledge in every market so investing in your own knowledge will help. The general idea is to find your interest and learn from others who are successful in that field. There are also a lot of “investment gurus” on the Internet and some also offer coaching. You can also read materials based on investing written by experts. Reading books may not be as popular today. However, this is a proven way to learn what you want at your pace.


One popular investment strategy is called top-down investing. This type of investing is based on watching the market and predicting that an entire sector of the economy will improve. For example, the Iraqi dinar is valued at $1,191 to one U.S. dollar at the time of this article. The dinar is positioned in a way that may reward early investing. When the dinar is re-evaluated, it is possible for the price to rise to 500 to one U.S. dollar according to what the dinar guru says at treasuryvault.com. This type of investing can be long term or short term gains.


Dividend investing is when the stock pays out based on the volume of investment in a company according to the Bankrate.com article, 6 Common Investment Strategies of Fund Managers. An example of this is when you purchase stock such as Apple, AT&T, and many others. They have to pay investors based on taxes. Stockholders receive payouts, even when the stock falls.

Growth Investing

Growth investing is when a company is evaluated and investors base their decisions on how much a company’s stock will rise year after year. These may be small or large organizations with potential for growth. These stocks have higher expectations and potential earnings than the market at large.

Investment Strategies High Growth Investing 

This strategy is suitable for long term investments over a set period of time.

Closing Bell

In the world of investing, there is no sure thing. However, educating yourself before investing, as much as possible, can help you avoid mistakes. Utilizing the experience and knowledge of multiple people and events is key to success. There are also rare instances where investors become rich overnight, but this is not the normal way market investing works. It works by way of diversity, progress, and perseverance. Patience is also key in any type of investing.

I believe the best advice is to follow the successful strategies of others. This allows new investors to learn from the mistakes of others. I also advise reading books on investing and learn techniques from mentors. Today, people can join workshops or groups that discuss investing in detail. Investing can be risky, but the trick is to bring the risk down to a minimum or, at least, what you are willing to risk in the name of success. At the end of the day, investors have to balance their portfolio similar to balancing their bank account. Finally, investors have to be aware of the market and understand the trends in order to stay ahead of market swings which can be the difference in your success.

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