Sophisticated Style in Four Simple Steps

Transitioning your wardrobe to that of a teenager or young adult to a working professional can be difficult. You want to keep your personal style and unique look, but your old clothes seem outdated. You want to reinvent your style and yet are not sure where to begin or what look you want to be going for.

The differences in style can vary dramatically as well as you age, though thankfully our personal identities do settle and solidify. This happily coincides with the start and advancement of our careers. Essentially, when you can afford luxury wear and can invest in staple pieces is when you will know what items suit you best.

Sophistication can mean a lot of different things, and there is no one true definition. For some, it might be a minimal style; for others, it might be by standing out from the crowd with bright patterns and classic shapes. The point is to find your own definition of sophistication and invest time, money, and effort into maintaining it, which you can do with these four simple steps:

Go Through Your Wardrobe

Men and women alike need to go through their current wardrobes. This essential first step will give you a better sense of what you have and what you need. You will also be able to spot any issues with your current clothes: fraying ends, small moth holes, or stains. Before you throw away these items as a lost cause, it is important to try to wash and mend them.

If the issue is too complicated for you on your own, find a professional in your area. Cigarettes burns can be repaired seamlessly in some cases, and moth holes can be made invisible with the right tools and techniques.

Tailor Your Staples

Staples like blazers and buttoned-down shirts should be tailored to your body. The same applies to trousers. You can make even regular clothes look expensive by tailoring them to fit your body. You will look better, and so will your wardrobe.

Invest in Classic Designs

Another benefit to going through your whole wardrobe is to make a note of missing items. You can invest in patterns you don’t currently own, like plaid or herringbone, or you can invest it styles you don’t have. A trench coat from TrenchLondon.com, for example, is a great addition and adds professional sophistication to any outfit.

Be Creative to Find Your Personal Style

You have to be willing to put yourself out there in order to find a unique personal style. Menswear, in particular, can be difficult. There are only so many shapes and styles, and you have two fewer garment categories than women. This does not mean you are doomed to look similar to everyone else.

Pattern clash, try new shapes, new materials, and generally, try to have fun. Experiment especially when you are shopping to see how new designs can be worn.

Achieving a sophisticated style is all about mastering your wardrobe, keeping it in good condition, and wearing items that fit you well. You can then go further and find your personal style through fun experimentation.

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