South African Rolene Strauss Crowned Miss World 2014 (Photos)

In a world where there is no shortage of bad news, chaos, conflicts and taxes, once in a while you could turn on TV and expect to see something joyful and pleasant. One such moments is the Miss World pageant contest whose 2014 edition just came to an end with the announcement of a much anticipated name: Rolene Strauss!

Miss South Africa snatched the title this year, and it’s not only her looks that helped her win the title. Rolene is a talented young woman. At the age of 22, she’s now in her fourth year of Med school and kicking ass in all aspects of life.

The lineup of the finalists was no less impressive. Check the background of some of the runner up contestants!

Australia: Courtney Thorpe, a marketing student

England: Carina Tyrrell, a med student at the prestigious University of Cambridge.

Guyana: Rafieya Husain, a business administration student

Brazil: Julia Gama, a chemical engineering student

Kenya: Idah Nguma, a marketing executive

India: Koyal Rana, NGO and director of the Moksha Foundation


Enjoy the Final’s pictures if you haven’t seen the live event already!

Miss-Scotland-Ellie-McKeating Miss-South-Africa-and-the-2014-Miss-World-Rolene-Strauss-reacts-after-her-victory-is-announced-with-Miss-England-Carina Miss-South-Africa-and-the-2014-Miss-World Miss-Turkey-Amine-Gulse rs_1024x759-141214093854-1024.Miss-World-Finalists.jl.121414 rs_1024x759-141214095430-1024.Miss-South-Africa-Mexico-Sweden-Kenya.jl.121414 rs_1024x759-141214102928-1024.Miss-World-Winners.jl.121414

Photo Credit: EOnline!