The Startup Formula That Will Make You Billions

We all wish there was a secret formula, a magical recipe, that poured down money from the heavens, establishing that financial freedom we all seek. Well, as there might not be a precise socio-economic formula for success, there is definitely a strategic plan to keep in mind when igniting the entrepreneur within you, uplifting a start-up that might just take of, reaching stratospheric heights.

It’s yet another systematic process created by Funders and Founders, Anna Vital, who emphasizes on the simplicities and essentiality of a startup. It’s a system the majority of all startups should take part of as it progresses formation, growth and financial success for a lot of entrepreneurs who are willing to take their idea to the next level – a routine that has been acknowledged by many billion-dollar companies.

So without further ado, Funders and Founder, the San Francisco startup organization, took the time to generate this inforgraphic, breaking down the essential steps an entrepreneur takes, going from an idea to offering the public a product they could only dream of.


Picture Credit: Funders and Founders