The Story Of Slava, A Model With Passion For Change

Supermodels: some fantasize ssbout their dream-like looks and some blame them to be shallow and lacking the brains to succeed in intellectually demanding areas, but what few realize is that for every model there is a story, there are passions and goals, there is a story to be told and a person to be celebrated. One of the models we recently interviewed is Ani Siprashvili, commonly known as Slava AS in her entourage. Slava lives in Paris, France where the city is just about right to match her passion for change and grandeur. She isn’t really your usual suspect: young, academically driven, passionate about helping others and thinking in a unique entrepreneurial frame. At the age of 19, with her Baccalaureate in hand and credentials to make it comfortably in the commercial spehere, Slava decided against settling for comfort and opted to follow her passion.

“I’m 19, I just finished my Baccalaureate last year. At one point I felt compelled to do what was safe and secure: to get involved in luxury real estate and make a comfortable living. But after some thought I decided to follow my passion. I decided to follow a formation in coaching in order to help overweight and obese people fight their way through. As someone who models I understand how appearances sometimes can be a defining characteristic in your life. Life is built on impressions and appearances, and overweight individuals deserve to be able to get the body they want in a society that judges us by the pound. I am not yet through with my coaching tests, but I can’t wait to get my final diploma and move on to make a change in people’s lives.”

The same way people are passionate about computers, stocks or even cooking, Salava found her passion behind a camera lens. Sometimes people don’t know what they’re passionate about until they see it. Live it. People weren’t passionate about coding before they wrote their first line of code. People are not passionate about sports until they kick their first ball in a pitch. Slava’s story is no different. As she puts it, she didn’t find her passion, her passion found her.

“I never thought I’d end up modeling, but I have always loved photography, and as long as I am the one pressing the buttons, it is a dream come true.”

One day a photographer spotted me during an evening party, and at his request I modeled for him, just for fun. After the photo-shoot session, I felt I enjoyed the experience. After posting the pictures on Facebook, photographers’requests flooded my inbox and I found myself modeling on a constant basis. But don’t be fooled, I am not modeling 24/7. I have a life outside modeling yes! One should not be deceived by appearances. I am someone who’s simple, driven by the things everyone else aspires to. But of my defining traits is my love for humanitarian and volunteering work. I am active within multiple NGOs and associations that help the poor. It’s important to think of others when we have the ability to effect a change.”

Passion is not enough. Dreams without a plan are just a wish, and for Slava, having a plan is a must when approaching her future.

“I would love to continue with modeling in the future, but through a different approach. I am a fitness enthusiast, and I would love to combine my passion with modeling. Merging both in the form of models fitness competitions would be a dream come true. Is it going to be easy? I wouldn’t say it’s easy or difficult. When you want something really bad you end up achieving it. It all boils down to perseverance and the ability to stand out form the crowd.”

Are models just shallow people using their bodies to get ahead? Think again!

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