Why Would You Be Studying It If You Could Be Doing It? The Greatest Entrepreneurs Who Dropped Out Of College

According to The Facebook Effectjust a couple of months before the big blast where Zuckerberg “took five minutes to decide” that he was going to dropout of one of the world’s most prestigious IVY-leauges, he was already half way through.

There’s been some kind of “dropout” trend or theme amongst entrepreneurs that is the equivalent of graduating – graduating from the little leagues to take on the big leagues. I mean the list of millionaire and billionaire dropouts is huge! Everyone fom Michael Dell who dropped out after his first year at the University of Texas – without telling his parents, to Larry Ellison who also dropped out – twice! Bill Gates almost takes the prize here though as he lasted a whole three years at Harvard and was even enrolled in enough courses to graduate, but didn’t. In fact it was after reading about the new innovative computer technology in a newspaper that he decided to take on the ride:

We were afraid if we waited, someone else would beat us to it. It was a hard decision and I know my parents had their concerns. And while I would never encourage anyone to drop out of school, for me, it turned out to be the right choice.

In this day and age a college degree costs a fortune for the average citizen, and adding up all the indirect and “hidden” expenses, it’s sometimes not worth the ride. So if the “college or no college” scenario all boils down to your finances, just think about it: What could you otherwise do with the money you would be spending on tuition right now?

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Picture Credit: Funders and Founders
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