Superhero: 3 Tactical Ways To Reach Success As A Self-Made Entrepreneur

As aspiring entrepreneurs aiming for the top, we usually tend to look up to influential individuals who have paved the way for us, individuals who have managed to achieve what we haven’t achieved, and they simply do things that emotionally inspire us.

Now it’s great to have role models you can look up to and learn from, having people that drive and inspire you, but I’m here to tell you that, at the end of the day, you have to be your own hero, your own role model. I know it sounds crazy. You may even be asking yourself “well how am I supposed to drive myself if I haven’t accomplished anything yet?”. Have you ever imagined yourself, 5 or 10 year down the road, driving a brand new Ferrari or sitting outside a brand new $10 million mansion, something that looks so perfect and successful it goes beyond comprehension? You know what I mean, we’ve all had those mind-blowing thoughts.

Well, there are a couple of ways to get to those day-dreaming dreams:

Establish yourself as your own hero

You know when you’re out of ideas and start looking for motivation, asking yourself “what would Bill Gates do?” or “how would Zuckerberg get through this?” Don’t. Instead you should be asking yourself “what would do? Moi. Forget about Gates and Zuckerberg, they went down their own individual paths with their own roadmap and guidelines, going down their own personal journey – a journey different from yours. They may guide you in the right direction, but eventually, only you, and you only, will know what’s best for you and your business.

One of the things I absolutely love about superheroes is that they’re loyal and abide by a set of self-made principles. And no matter how tough it gets, they never tap-out. So if you really, really, want to become your own hero, then you have to start setting up firm values and principles which can keep you in check.

If working on a Saturday night is what it takes for you to get through and make out alive and you’re lacking that motivational spark to get you going, just imagine what you want to be doing in 10 years time. What work-ethic do you want to maintain in the not-so-distant future? You need to be able to visualize where you want to end up, using longterm or not-so-longterm goals to push you forward.

This is a thing I use daily, a technique that helps me get through the rough times. So when I’m about to write my next extended essay, work a 10 hour shift or simply work my ass off and I’m lacking the willpower, I picture the life I desire in the future, and use that as a source of motivation. Another aspect you have to keep in mind and value is that, we are talking about right now – what you have to accomplish now in order to move on a step closer to that dream. Procrastination is truly the enemy of success.

It’s that “one more game of Call of Duty” or that “one more episode of Game of Thrones” against checking one more thing off your to-do-list. Just imagine how much you would get done if you waited until you watched one more episode or played one more game; nothing.

And I’ll tell you this, the “future you” will never be established by another round of procrastination. By sticking to a set of principles and valuing your future endeavors, you would clearly realize that another hour of gaming or cuddling will never get you closer to that end-goal you are striving for.

Lose your mind

Every hero has that “omg – what the f*ck am I doing” moment, picturing how their life would end up if they kept on going down the same path with the same lazy work ethic, surrounding themselves with the same messed up people. You my friend, need to have that moment, the moment you realize that you have to be your own hero and drag yourself out of the mess you’re in.

You see, superheroes know what they’re worth; they know what they’re capable of. A real hero knows what path he or she has to start walking down in order to find his or her true calling. A word of advice though; Don’t ever become the villain. You may think there is no way you would become the bad guy, but just think about it. How many villains started down a path of peace and righteousness, slowly losing their way, mistaking their cause for a noble one?

With that being said, it’s always good to take a step back and just look at how things are playing out, getting a full perspective of what it is you’re doing and where it is you’re heading.

The difference between a hero and any other regular dream-chaser is that heroes attempts to drag people up with them, instead of down. In the fierce competitive business market that exists today, you may consider stamping on as many heads as necessary, but a hero however, accomplishes his goals while simultaneously improving the lives of others.

Always have a noble cause

So here is the thing, becoming my own superhero was one of the greatest things I did for myself – not only for my business, but for every aspect of my life. It’s crazy how it has motivated me and driven me to take on ventures, projects and challenges that I would have never taken on before. It has turned me into a confident and optimistic individual who has the ability to do whatever is necessary to succeed.

From now on, there is no one else that inspires me more than myself. Becoming someone I look up to has unlocked a hidden force within me that simply cannot be stopped, and as a hero, it’s my duty, my mission to propose a call of action whenever necessary.

Become your own hero, become your own role model and you will witness your business thrive like never before.

Picture Credit: Imgur