Surprising Her? How To Nail It To Perfection

A timeless tale, an endless lie, a test that has been carried out across men all over the world! “I hate surprises!” she says, and of course, as a man, you believe her. Now… listen to these words very carefully… There is an 80 per cent chance that she is lying! I am one who falls under that 80% and am guilty of convincing my partner that I am not fond of surprises. Over the years, however, he has discovered that it is not at all true.

Every woman I have ever encountered is always extremely curious and inquisitive. On the occasion that she does find out there is a surprise (99 per cent of the time this will be the case) she will not rest until she uncovers the nature of it. There are a couple of things to remember when planning a surprise whether it is a surprise getaway or an enormous flower arrangement.

Keep the surprise a surprise!

Like I said before, if women have a suspicion, I assure you they will follow through in its discovery. Do not tell her there is a surprise because you, my friend, are setting yourself up to be asked nine thousand other questions. Carry on as normal – no hinting, no clues…NOTHING! Trust me on this one guys.

Think about her!

What is it that she loves? She may love hanging out with your friends, but if your idea of a surprise is inviting the boys to crash date night with cards and pizza then please, please, please seek help! Do not mistake her selfless love for you with a love of boy’s night.

No-go zone!

Make sure the surprise is not part of a get-over-your-fear plan. If she is scared of planes do not organize to have her jump out of one, if she is scared of birds do not take her to an aviary… I know it sounds like common sense to some of you, if this is the case then I’m proud you understand the difference. For those of you who are shocked by this point, please re-read this point until it is embedded into your mind the way the functions of the buttons on a PS3 controller are.

Keep it simple!

Have you ever heard of the saying “less is more”? It applies very heavily to this! Women are definitely confusing creatures, there is no doubting that, however the fact that you took the initiative to surprise her will mean more to her than the extravagance of the gesture. Whether the surprise is the biggest of the biggest, or the smallest of the smallest make sure to leave a note/text message/email reminding her that you love her. 3 words. 8 letters. That’s all it will take to make your surprise seem like the most majestic one in the world.

Below you will find some suggestions for surprises for all price ranges!

1. Nothing says surprise like a pair of red soles. Christian Louboutin’s timeless Pigalle’s are the perfect, patent pump for any classy lady! Made in both a nude and a black this shoe is a go-to for every outfit and is worth every single dollar of the $625 spent.

2. Roses have always been a symbol of affection! So why not spoil her with three-dozen stunning, long stemmed roses and a bottle of Moet & Chandon for $329.90 from any high-end flower shop. And if you’re lucky enough to find a delivery service, it’ll allow you to truly catch your partner off guard whether it be at home, or in the office and will be sure to make her feel like she’s worth a million dollars.

3. The Little Blue Box has become a poplar symbol of affection over the years and it is evident why! Tiffany and Co.’s intricate craftsmanship has earned the heart of almost every woman on the planet. The Return To Tiffany medium heart pendant and key is a beautiful little gesture to show the woman you love that she has the key to your heart…literally!! Its $270 that will bring the most priceless smile to her face.

4. Finally, my favorite surprise idea in the history of surprises!! THE BOX OF FAVOURITES! This surprise provides you with so much financial flexibility – you can spend anything from $20 to $1000 dollars and it is still the most breath taking, heart stopping surprise! Buy a beautiful box and fill it with all her favorites! Her favorite chocolates, candy, movies, books, alcohol, potato chips, jewelry, stationary, candles, magazines…anything that you know is her favorite!! The thought, and the enormous effort will make this surprise one she will never forget!

Picture Credit: He Heart It