Survival Of The Fittest: Google Standing Up Against Apple’s iPhone 6 With A Massive Investment

These two just don’t seem to ever get enough of each other – and Google made sure of that last Monday, sending out press invites for the launch of the new Android One in India, their new crazy-cheap smartphone. With that being said, they’re aiming to deliver a solid smartphone for under the price-tag of 100 bucks. Insane?

Believe it or not but with their new “financial” strategy, Google is hoping to deliver a solid smartphone experience for less than $100, making the oh-so-waited-for release on September 15. Their strategy revolves around establishing partnerships with smartphone developers in emerging markets, providing them with an “up-to-date” version of the free Android software and allowing them to create great smartphones at budget prices. It’s a completely different strategy than what Apple is going for, currently gearing up for the release of the iPhone 6 which is estimated to cost around $700. Yeah, nothing close to a $100!

Now in the West, where the latest technological gadgets are a must, smartphones are really omnipresent. But consider the developing world, where smarthphones aren’t really that common or that affordable. Now consider introducing a qualitative Google smartphone with the same  over-all functions as any other smartphone – only for the fraction of the price. A burgeoning market indeed!

It’s not only Google who’s been capitalizing on the emerging markets of low-priced smartphones. Mozilla actually managed to beat Google’s budget price tag, launching a phone for $33 in India. Even Microsoft has been pushing down the prices of their Windows phone.

All in all, Apple remains strong in the US, controlling a huge chunk of the market with the majority of the people walking around with iPhones. In Europe on the other hand, Android is steadily holding their ground, with almost a complete monopoly. In the top five EU countries, Apple’s market share is as small as 7%

Africa and Asia though seem to be the new gold rush for smartphone makers, since budget smartphones can sell as fast as snacks. The trick is, even with a small profit margin on every phone sold, multiply that by the millions, and why not billions of customers, and you got yourself a hefty prize!

Photo Credit: Techcrunch