Ta7rir : Social Impact Through Art and Creativity

The truest forms of art are known to challenge the human being and ultimately lead to transformations which could be one the most powerful experiences one can go through ; this constitutes a powerful force that aims for the progress of humanity as a whole. Once immersed in the artistic world, we tend to depict our ideals, and through this illustration we dare ourselves to bridge the gap between aspiration and the ideal, and what is actually happening in the real life world.

Ta7rir directs these creative and artistic forces towards achieving many goals having to do with solving social issues and discovering a society’s possibility of growth through that. Following a path of freedom, imagination and innovation, this organization serves as a present agent of both social and cultural progress, potentially impacting the economical side as well in today’s modern society.

The creation of this movement in March 2017 started with the idea of promoting an alternative mode in dealing with problems of society; Art and creativity. In the light of recent events, there has been a noticeable strive for reform through a different approach. Utilizing art as a function to refine the social situation today is one of Ta7rir’s primal objectives, and has led to a drive that consisted of bringing educated minds to gather amongst themselves, unleash their creative energy, and attempt to resolve a matter in question.

Not only Ta7rir’s philosophy is multidisciplinary, but its attempt explores different dimensions when faced with a challenge. It works under a process in which the recognition of an issue is of crucial importance, then proceeds to address the matter at hand innovatively and originally. In the allusion that the expression or declaration of a given topic is the first step towards raising awareness around the issue, lies the significance of this organization. In other words, supporting the artistic force could result in a positive impact on the individual as part and his society as a whole.

Acknowledging how artists’ contributions and collaborations could be effective and inspiring to their community’s social and economic progress is at the heart of such project’s approach. Therefore, Ta7rir’s strategy resides in networking visionary and productive people from different backgrounds to create alliances and partnerships with institutions, corporations etc..

Last but not least, these arrangements take the form of multiple workshops organized to share different tools and equipment on certain platforms, which is included in Ta7rir’s educational program. Add to that, the advocacy and publishing individual’s works as a medium to communicate and diffuse their perception. Moreover, the need for support is preliminary to grant these creators a fair chance and an open opportunity to share their ideas and works with the rest of the world. To that end, Ta7rir’s endeavor in creating solutions in a social sphere is not limited in only facing these challenges but rather surpasses this idea to find more productive ways that are beneficial for society’s industrial growth ultimately.

Article by Rim Oubella

To know more, visit : http://ta7rir.org/