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Startup Challenges: 8 Warning Signs Staff are About to Quit and How to Deal With it (Infographic)

In this latest piece are 8 warning signs staff are about to quit and how to deal with it. By identifying these key indicators, organisations will place themselves in a better position to help prevent staff from quitting their job.

Six Reasons Having A Startup Is Like Having A Baby

Whether to have one or not can be one of the toughest decisions ever As an entrepreneur, deciding to quit your job that you live off of, borrow money and start something without knowing the outcome can be challenging. It is…

Homeless: I’m Not A Bum, I’m A Human Being (Video)

We see them everywhere, around every corner and the same story: “Can you spare some change. Help a homeless”. At times it gets frustrating. We can’t help but wonder how come they’re not looking for a job or busting their…

5 Inevitable Things Entrepreneurs Have To Deal With Daily

As you probably already know, the life of an entrepreneur is not as glamourous as the world wants us to believe it is; yes entrepreneurs are having a great time changing the world and making amazing ideas come to life,…