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VUL9 - Manageo

VUL9 Security Solutions Enters Moroccan Market, with Manageo.ma as First Partner

UAE based Cybersecurity company VUL9 Security Solutions is making fresh strides in the Moroccan market after recently signing a security audit agreement with Manageo.ma, a leading CRM and ERP solutions provider in Morocco. The agreement comes at a time when…


Alabbar’s Digital Revolution Needs An Adequate Cybersecurity Strategy

As if there isn’t enough evidence already to support the alarming need for a better cybersecurity strategy across the GCC’s digital landscape, the recently revealed cyberattack against Saudi Arabia is a stark reminder about the cyber threats the region is facing today….

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VUL9 Security Solutions: Cybersecurity Online Courses Guide for Startups

Cybersecurity is no joke, especially for new startups who can’t afford building a vulnerable digital infrastructure that lets hackers access user data, financial information or IP. Below is a list of online courses on cybersecurity that every startup founder ought…

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VUL9 Security Solutions: UAE’s Newest Cybersecurity Provider Warns of Weak Cyber Defences in the GCC

The recent Qatar National Bank data leak came as a reminder to companies and governments alike in the GCC that cybersecurity is no joke (Check if you have been affected by the leak here). Whether it is financial institutions, digital…


Cyber Security:  The Employees Are Our Weakest Link

On October 5-6, the Cyber Security for Critical Assets – MENA was held in Dubai and was organized by Qatalyst Global. I was honored to be the Chairman of a Panel discussion with panelists hailing from various industries:  Du Telecomms (Telecommunications), Air…

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VUL9 Security Solutions: How A Startup Is Trying To Build A Safer Cyberspace In The Middle East

Ashley Madison, Sony, the US government, Iran Nuclear Centrifuges and ARAMCO facilities in Saudi Arabia. These are just a few of the high profile targets that have been hacked in the past and that reminds us all how vulnerable the…


Cybersecurity in the Middle East: You’re Not As Safe As You Think

You go online, start shopping on on E-commerce site or open an online banking account with your financial institution, and a week later you find abnormal purchases made through your card or paid service signups under your name. This is…


How To Fix The Top 3 WordPress Blog Vulnerabilities You Never Knew You Had

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform. At last count there were 77 million blogs using it across the globe and the World Wide Web (http://en.wordpress.com/stats/). Approximately half or, 38.5 million blogs are self hosted or run by a WordPress administrator…