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The Emotional War of Entrepreneurship

The turnaround speed in your adjustment to an issue is usually an unbelievable proxy to your success as an entrepreneur. So regardless of what it is you are trying to pursue or accomplish, whether it’s selling baseball cards or creating…


MAGNiTT Report: State of MENA Startups 2016

One year since their launch, MAGNiTT are proud to release statistics on the#STATEOFMENASTARTUPS through an informative infographic. About MAGNiTT: MAGNiTT is an online platform to help the MENA ecosystem connect. It is aimed towards entrepreneurs, investors, ecosystem supporters and service providers….

Fear Can be Your Worst Enemy or Your Best Friend: The Choice is Yours (Mohamed Amine Belarbi)

Guru to stars and CEOs Tony Robins says that fear is the only obstacle that holds most people back from achieving what they want. Serial entrepreneur Mohamed Amine Belarbi on the other hand believes that anyone can overcome fear by practicing and…


New York University Abu Dhabi to Host a Local Edition of the Hult Prize

College Sophomore Diego Sandoval recently announced that New York University Abu Dhabi has been selected to host a local edition of the Hult Prize, the world’s largest student competition for the creation of new social businesses. The annual Hult Prize…


Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) Announces Winner of Innovation 4 Impact Awards

A US company that allows Muslims around the world to hear Friday prayers from Islam’s holiest sites took first place in the Innovation 4 Impact Awards at the Global Islamic Economy Summit. The competition, organized by Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority…


Young Entrepreneurs Series: Chat With Ismail Rachdaoui

In this new series, we will be highlighting various young entrepreneurs from the Arab World who are passionate about technology and making a difference. We caught up with Ismail Rachdaoui, a young Moroccan entrepreneur, change maker and Tech enthusiast to discuss nextwi, a startup…


All In? 5 Reasons Why Poker Players Make The Best Entrepreneurs

I’m guessing you have never been asked to play a game of Texas Hold’em in a job interview before. Fortunately if you had, a lot of your foundational skills and characteristics would present themselves: a couple of hands of poker transpires…


10 Ways To Successfully Manage A Team Remotely (Infographic)

Many of us now work on a regular basis with colleagues dispersed across different buildings, cities, countries and even continents, however, managing a team that’s spread out in this way can present huge challenges, even for the most experienced bosses….

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Get Your Copy Now | The Art of the Grind: What They Don’t Teach You in College

Preface The academic world taught you that all you needed to learn about life was inside your textbooks, that a clean academic record was your sure path to success, a good job and a happy life. They taught you that…


Unleash 2016 Speakers Spotlight: Kaitlyn Cawley

25 years old. Editor in Chief of Elite Daily or The Voice of Generation Y. One of the most influential young women in digital media. Kaitlyn Cawley has become one of the symbols of the millennial generation. Her goal is…


Unleash 2016 Speakers Spotlight: Cesare Cacitti

16 years old. Italy’s youngest startupper. Passionate technologist and innovator. Built a 3D printer alone at the age of 13. Cesare Cacitti is a 16 years old Maker. When he was 9 he built a push button lock while his…


Entrepreneur Tips: How to Beat Your Email Addiction (Infographic)

Email is an important part of our communication at work or at home. But sometimes, checking our emails can become a consuming habit, keeping us from focusing on other task or activities. The good news is that this infographic can help…

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6 Ways Traveling Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur (Infographic)

When done right, travel can be an important rite of passage – building maturity, independence, and opening horizons. To find out how traveling can improve your own entrepreneurial skill-set, check out this latest piece from Expedia Photo Credit: Expedia Canada

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Young Entrepreneurs Series: Chat With Khalid Machchate

In this new series, we will be highlighting various young entrepreneurs from the Arab World who are passionate about technology and making a difference. We caught up with Khalid Machchate, a young Moroccan entrepreneur, changemaker, Science-Technology-Art enthusiast and big time curious during…


Seedstars: Forget Aid and Volunteering, Here are the Businesses that Drive Real Impact

Have you ever been in the same place with the 60 best startups from emerging markets? No? Put away your TV, your apps, and let me invite you to a snapshot of innovation around the world. There’s the 13-year old…


UNLEASH: The World’s Most Unconventional Meeting of Young Talent (June 8-10, 2016)

PANGEA Is Back At It Do you remember the greatest display of young talent ever held in history? Think no further, because it was The 2015 Starting Point and it took place in Madrid as Pangea’s first global event. This…

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Serena Guen: The Mark Zuckerberg of Publishing

Traveling around the world might sound like a fun experience, yet reality does not always meet our expectations. Truth is, people often feel lost after arriving in a new city. What to do? Where to go? And what to see?…


PANGEA: Democratising the Meaning of Talent

As we have gradually shifted from an industrial and corporate society that applauded the common man’s narrow perception of employment, to the entrepreneurial era that praises and celebrates innovation that disrupts traditional industries, a revelation took place. Things changed. Cultures…

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UAE Entrepreneurship Guide: The Accelerators & Incubators Every Startup Should Know About

With an entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem booming around the UAE, resources for entrepreneurs are growing at an even greater pace. For brave souls willing to take on the world and transform their idea into an actual business, going through an accelerator…

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Advice From The Africa Global Business Forum: Don’t Invest In Africa

Don’t. Don’t invest in a whole continent. Have you ever heard of someone who got an investment right at the same time in 54 countries? Invest in a sector. Invest in a country. Invest in people. But please, let’s stop…