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Attention Gamers: How to Setup a VR Room (Oculus Rift + Touch v. Vive v. PS 4 VR)

So… Chances are you don’t have a VR room in your house. Yeah, neither do I. Most of us didn’t design our rooms with a lot of space for walking around — assuming we have the extra space to begin with….

Jeff Thompson: A Movie/Game Production Entrepreneur Set On Building An Empire

Shooting a movie out of St. Louis about a local legend using an iPhone. Now that might sound like a high school project for some, but when you add in to the mix a passionate young man who dreams, breathes,…

Doozy: The New Way To Turn The Streets Into Your New Gaming World

The University of Southern California (USC) is famous for its games program. Great talent from USC launched groundbreaking gaming sagas, some revolutionized the console industry and others just keep on taking gamers to a whole new level of sophistication and graphic…