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How to Search for Happiness According to Different Cultures (Infographic)

The search for happiness has been on since the dawn of humanity. For me, the secret to happiness is sitting in my lounge chair with a cup of tea, watching a new movie (yes – I’m a simple soul). Happiness is floating through…

Search No More: 37 Ways to Reach Happiness (Infographic)

Far from an elusive concept, happiness is something each person can create for themselves. We’ve created 37 suggestions on how to tweak your everyday life towards the happiness you deserve. Infographic courtesy of Vegas Extreme Skydiving  

5 Ways To Stay Productive, Healthy And Happy While Working From Home

For anyone who works in an office setting, working remotely may sound like a dream situation. You can sit on the couch in your sweatpants, have Netflix on in the background and click away at your emails when you feel like…

8 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do

Sometimes, building a solid healthy relationship isn’t just about what partners do, but what they don’t do. Here are 8 things that you won’t find in the habits of happy couples. 1. Happy couples never discourage each other. Two people…