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Employee Recognition Does Matter

More companies than you might first imagine experience exceptionally high turnover and are not able to keep employees loyal to their company. Why? Simply because the employees feel that their contribution to the company or organization is under-appreciated. The fact…

10 Ways To Successfully Manage A Team Remotely (Infographic)

Many of us now work on a regular basis with colleagues dispersed across different buildings, cities, countries and even continents, however, managing a team that’s spread out in this way can present huge challenges, even for the most experienced bosses….

Early Birds: This Is How To Function On Only 4 Hours Of Sleep

How do CEOs who sleep for only 4-5 hours daily manage to function and run multi-million dollar companies?” was a question that appeared on Quora recently. Fortunately the question was answered to perfection by Alexandra Damsker, a CEO of a successful startup….

Money Management 101

If there’s one thing all humans are bad at, it’s money management.  If we were as good at budgeting and investing as we were at gossip, the financial problems of the world would be extremely low.  We don’t have that…