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Gulf Elite Article 1000: Publishing 1k Article Taught Us We Can Do Whatever the Heck We Want

For those who do not have much background about our publication, we launched Gulf Elite Magazine out of a dorm room in sophomore year when everyone else’s worry was anything but starting a publication. We felt that millennials, especially in…


Unleash 2016 Speakers Spotlight: Kaitlyn Cawley

25 years old. Editor in Chief of Elite Daily or The Voice of Generation Y. One of the most influential young women in digital media. Kaitlyn Cawley has become one of the symbols of the millennial generation. Her goal is…

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Mindshare’s “Content Decoded” Wraps Up in Dubai

Mindshare, which is part of WPP, is a global media agency network helping clients to make collaborative and adaptive decisions across their paid, owned, and earned marketing in real-time. “Content Decoded,” the agency’s themed annual media summit, came to a…


7 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Break From Social Media

There’s no doubt social media is a significant part of our daily lives. You can hardly go out for dinner without having people upload pictures of their meals to Instagram or take a quick selfie. Our generation is defined by…


Jon Stewart Strikes Again: What’s Wrong With The Current Debate On Israel

The whole world is shaming and denouncing Israel  for its barbaric military action in Gaza, an offensive that so far claimed the lives of over 500 people, 75% of whom are civilians, and 20% of whom are children. Now any…


Frequently Use Twitter? Your Chances Of Cheating Are Higher

Sounds crazy doesn’t it: The more you Tweet the more likely you are to cheat. And as weird as it might sound, it does make some kind of sense; the more you interact with people you don’t know the more…