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Every Students Dream: Insane Software Writes Flawless Essay In Less Than A Second

We’ve all had to sit down and brain-storm about that 25 page essay that is due in a week. That constant grueling and demanding pressure that keeps on swirling around your head telling you to figure it out! So there…

Dubai Keeping Up With The Latest As It Introduces Its First Bitcoin ATM

Dubai has definitely been keeping up with the global tech-boom that has been going on, maintaing their revolutionized status quo as the capital of the Middle East, and incorporating their first Bitcoin ATM will definitely put them on the map….

Samsung Leaps to The Edge of The Curve

It seems Apple’s sales team has a very good reason to fear the traction gained by Android competitors, especially Samsung, as revealed in a recent internal report. As Apple finally catches on to the wide screens that Samsung has been…

Windows XP Retires

Microsoft recently announced the retirement of their ancient baby Windows XP as users have steadily decreased through the years, leaving them no option than to “invest their resources towards supporting more recent technologies so that they can continue to deliver…