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Traveling is Happiness: Things to Keep in Mind while You Travel

Travelling is not only about seeing the beautiful sight but a permanent change in the life of human beings. It is fun and considered as the best form of freedom.  Millions of people travel daily and experience a lot of…

Pack Your Bags: Must See Winter Attractions in Ukraine

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and winter holiday season is also under way. Winter in Ukraine is a perfect time to discover new places and enjoy every moment of numerous days off. Whether you are an…

Traveling Tips: Which Country’s Etiquette Matches Yours? (Flowchart)

How much personal space do you need? What about showing up late to a party… is that a no-no? Are you the type to tear the wrapping paper off a gift? Find out what country is calling your name courtesy of…

6 Ways Traveling Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur (Infographic)

When done right, travel can be an important rite of passage – building maturity, independence, and opening horizons. To find out how traveling can improve your own entrepreneurial skill-set, check out this latest piece from Expedia Photo Credit: Expedia Canada