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The Emotional War of Entrepreneurship

The turnaround speed in your adjustment to an issue is usually an unbelievable proxy to your success as an entrepreneur. So regardless of what it is you are trying to pursue or accomplish, whether it’s selling baseball cards or creating…


Dear Mr. Khalifa Haftar: An Open Letter from a Libyan Citizen

Dear Mr. Haftar, Please allow me to share a personal story that exemplifies the absurdities you have allowed to occur. Not many weeks ago, while seated in the kitchen of my grandmother’s peaceful house in Tripoli (or rather, the city…


UAE Women Strike Again: This Time In Fighter Jets

UAE women never cease to impress us! On top of being one of the smartest female populations in the MENA region and the world, one of the most educated and one of the most refined ladies out there, they are…


When Are We Going To Wake Up? ISIS Beheading US Journalist To Set Obama Straight

A new video emerged showing ISIS militants beheading U.S. journalist James Foley, in what seems to be a yet another barbaric act by the group. The growing operations of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, along with their expanding financial and logistical…

Bedouins Of The Negev Desert

Behind The Scenes: Founder Of PCRF Gives A Free Backstage Pass To The Palestine/Israel Conflict

Operation Protective Edge, that’s the name of Israel’s current “defensive” operation that launched on the 7th July, massacring an entire population, exterminating the very existence of Gaza by destroying their entire social infrastructure. But this hasn’t just been going on…


Bill Clinton: I Could Have Killed Bin Laden But Didn’t Want To

Former President Bill Clinton proves once again why he is the most kickass president alive to have ever run the USA to date! Besides running the very successful and life changing CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) and CGIU (Clinton Global Initiative University),…


Bolivia The First To Declare Israel A ‘Terrorist State’

This Wednesday, Evo Morales, the Bolivian President finally declared Israel a terrorist state due to the ongoing “events” in the Gaza Strip. So as of now, Isreali citizens will be required to obtain a visa before crossing the borders to Bolivia….


War On Gaza: Israeli Trade Down More Than 40%

According to Israel’s Channel Two, there has been an astonishing 40% decrease in trade in Israel ever since the military operation on Gaza began. “Operation Protective Edge”, the name of Israel’s “defensive” military action, began on July 7th,  and since then has been…


Malaysian Airlines: The Real Life Example For “Shit Happens”

Malaysian Airlines has been on the news more than once for the past months, and not for good reasons! After completely losing a plane and never recovering it just a couple of months back, the Airline managed to make headlines…