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Bring It On, World: 4 Options Recent Grads Have For Their Next Steps

The feeling of graduation is probably one of the most liberating and exciting sensations you could experience as a 20-something. It’s right up there with owning your own car, getting married (if you’re into that) and watching a complete season of “Game of…

The Whole World Is In Your Hands: 6 Thrifty Ways To Travel Across It

I grew up in a very small town — the kind of place where everyone knows you and you know everyone else. It’s the kind of place that gets crammed in summertime and oh-so-quiet during the rest of the year….

Dubai Set To Become The “Centre Of The World” By The Year 2100

In the first day of the annual Government Summit in Dubai, Dr. Hans Rosling wowed a captive audience, with his prediction that Dubai will become “the centre of the world” by the year 2100. We’ve checked his calculations, and it…

Why Entrepreneurs Have The Ideal Opportunity To Make The World Better

Inspiration, hope and diversity were just a few terms that caught my attention in 2007 when Obama was on the campaign trail. I was 11 at the time and hadn’t really followed politics much, but after hearing Obama once, I was…