Most Of These Tech Billionaires Have One Thing In Common: Dropouts

Forbes’ recent list of the world’s top Billionaires didn’t bring much surprises. Everyone expected the Tech geniuses to top that list off with their stakes in their ever growing multibillion dollar companies. We’re talking about the likes of Facebook, Uber, Whatsapp and Twitter. But one thing  you didn’t pay attention to this time is: do they have a degree?


I mean, we’ve been told that the best out there are Ivy league graduates, Harvard this and Stanford that, but in reality, it’s nothing like you ever expected. In fact, 75% of Tech billionaires, yes, 75%, are college dropouts!

The top 3 Tech Billionaires, and also most famous dropouts out there, are Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Sean Parker from the Facebook gang (Sean Parker didn’t even go to college and yet he has Napster and Facebook under his belt!)

Is this a sign you should pack your books and get out of college? Probably not, unless you have a solid startup you can lean on or if you have an offer that is impossible to resist. Dropping out is not for everyone, you should carefully consider the ups and downs of college (it has a lot of BS you don’t need) and if you feel like you could do much greater things with your time, then by all means be my guest (Consider applying for the Thiel fellowship, at least you’ll have 100k to burn through). But remember, not everyone is cut out to come up with the next big thing, so don’t let your hopes fly high, be smart about it and make sure you have a plan. Who knows, in few years you may come back to your college and give a commencement speech as a newly minted millionaire or billionaire!

Photo credit: Tehcrunch