The Emotional War of Entrepreneurship

The turnaround speed in your adjustment to an issue is usually an unbelievable proxy to your success as an entrepreneur. So regardless of what it is you are trying to pursue or accomplish, whether it’s selling baseball cards or creating an empire, if it’s nothing worth pushing for, you’re dead in the water way before you even start. On the flip-side, if it is something worth pushing for and pursuing, then you’re going to fail miserably, get royally screwed, more times than you can count, before you hit a home run. And today’s constantly moving and shifting industries aren’t really making it easier either. As markets grow and develop right in front of your eyes, the battle field becomes saturated with talent. And so, as each year passes by and more passionate warriors set foot in the battle field to shed blood, it gets that much more difficult to see your dreams come to life. Fortunately, we are living through the biggest era of wantrepreneurs; sprinters who last a couple of hundred meters before realizing that they are running a marathon, throwing in the towel miles before the finish line. The key to actualizing your dreams is to continue pushing after others have given up. You see, it’s those left standing (or running) who manage to live the lives they have always dreamt of living. But don’t get me wrong, the journey is absolutely brutal.

You have to have the stomach. It might be all fun and games initially, reaching 1,000 likes on your Facebook-page and promoting your product on Instagram. But once people stop liking and customers stop buying , it’s a different ball game. You’ll gradually understand that the difficulty is slightly greater than you anticipated. Developing an average skill is easy. Sit around and play Call of Duty for a couple of hours and you’re basically good to go. You even start noticing that you’re picking things up pretty quickly. Great! Perfecting it however, is a b*tch. Once you start approaching the big leagues, you’re going up against big players – players who have been doing whatever it is that you are doing much longer than you. And this is exactly when the majority of people hit a giant wall and all of a sudden decide to give up on their dreams of living next door to Kanye.

It really all comes down to putting things into proper context and dealing with the reality of the situation immediately. And not dwelling. But I get it. I mean, how can I not. You’d hope that after some time, you’d be numb to all the pain from the bloodsucking bullsh*t that gets thrown your way. And in reality it does, if you allow it to. But that first (first couple really) right-hooks to the face will always sting a little. You invest your valuable time pulling all nighters for months. RedBulls stock-price skyrockets from all the cans you’ve consumed to maintain sane energy levels. Pouring an intense mix of passion and heart into your venture, only to see it crash and burn. And after crashing and burning a couple of times, it gives you a humble understanding and perspective on why people would rather prefer to stay comfortable with their “9-to-5, softball team and seasons of House of Cards during the weekend” lives. Why? Because it is sane. At least to 95% of the world’s population.

If you are not comfortable in hell, don’t get in the ring. It’s an emotional war to be the misfit in society. The rebel in the family. The troublemaker in school. The ones who see things differently and aren’t fond of the rules. The ones who have no respect for the status quo. People can quote you, disagree with you, glorify or vilify you. But the only thing they can’t do is ignore you. It is people like that, that pushes our society forward. That pushes the human race forward. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. Sit tight, embrace the ride, and before you know it, Kanye will be knocking on your door asking for some sugar.

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