The Enormous Contribution of the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry gained a significant foothold in the early 1900s, soon after the invention of automobiles. Since then, it has been considered as the favorable means of transporting freight across towns and cities and even between regions. The trucking industry is relied upon by all other industries including healthcare, food, waste removal, retail, and manufacturing.

The trucking industry is comprised of both large and small trucking companies who employ drivers, and then there are the owner-operator models. As a sole operator of your truck, you stand a chance of accruing more income as compared to being employed. If you aspire to be an independent truck driver, check out how to start a trucking company.

Indeed it is necessary to consider just how vital the trucking industry is to the country – to help safeguard it.

How important is the trucking industry?

Support for other industries

Virtually all other industries in the country rely on trucking for their transportation needs. The trucking industry plays an important role in ensuring raw materials are delivered to factories and similarly ensuring that finished products are delivered to the market. Manufacturing industries, for instance, require trucks in delivering raw materials, end products, and waste materials from one point to another. Trucks are more preferred than trains, planes, or even ships because they are able to handle more cargo and they are pocket-friendly as well.

Contribution to economic growth

In addition to supporting other industries, the trucking industry generates massive revenue towards the country’s gross income. It contributes about 650 billion dollars to the country each year, making it a very significant component of the economy. In fact, the trucking industry has received huge political support for the influence it has on the economy. Local, state and federal governments have imposed several regulations relating to the trucking industry. For instance, there are laws to safeguard the welfare of truck drivers such as those requiring them to take adequate rest. Other laws restrict trucks from using certain roads so as to ensure there is smooth transportation of cargo without traffic disruptions.

Creation of employment opportunities

In the US alone, the trucking industry employs over 800,000 drivers. It is estimated that these drivers contribute about $30 billion dollars annually in revenues. Again this makes the trucking industry a significant contributor in the country’s economy. Similarly, employing such a great number of people means that many families can have a good living and the benefits that come along with employment.

But what would happen if the trucking industry if shut down?

Fear can be your worst enemy and your best friend, the choice is yours. The worst fear for any economy is the halting of its trucking industry. The fear comes about due to the detrimental effects this would have on the economy. Let us have a look at how events would unfold should the trucking industry halt.

Within the first 24 hours

  • Fuel in service stations would become scarce
  • Mail delivery would cease
  • Hospital supplies would run out
  • Food shortage would be experienced
  • Prices of basic commodities would start to hike

Within 2-3 days

  • Fuel will completely run out in service stations
  • Food shortage will escalate further especially in the face of panic and consumer hoarding
  • Garbage would begin to pile up in suburban and urban areas
  • Banks would run out of cash to transact and their ATMs would run dry
  • Supplies of essential commodities such as meat, milk, and water will suddenly halt

Within two weeks

  • Hospitals will run out of oxygen and other vital supplies
  • Automobile travel would be disabled due to lack of fuel
  • Clean drinking water would cease

Within a month

  • Majority of the business will shut down

As you can clearly see, the trucking industry is the lifeblood of any given economy. It enables goods to be moved from one end of the country to another to ensure the manufacture of commodities and even the survival of the citizens. Trucking drives the economy of America and is quickly evolving to become bigger and better.

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