The Gulfs’ Eight wonders

True story, I tried convincing my crazy ex-girlfriend to get her ass down to Dubai with me. She asked me why? What could there possibly be in Dubai that does not exist in Europe? I was speechless; I wasn’t about to persuade someone into flying to Dubai – because it doesn’t need persuading! Long story short, now I’m single. Because last time I checked Sweden didn’t have a 12.3 billion dollar Palm shaped Island where David Beckham and Ashley Cole had properties on. Paris didn’t have a seven star hotel that accommodates visitors with their own Rolls Royce’s. Berlin didn’t build the worlds tallest building that climbs up to 830 meters and Copenhagen sure as hell hasn’t established a mans’ dream world – Ferrari World. If you’re still a little doubtful, give me five minutes of your time, if you’re not on the next flight to Dubai by next week, you can call me crazy.

Burj Al ArabThe Worlds’ Only Seven-Star Hotel


Dubai is all about going big – The worlds’ only seven-star hotel, at a height of 320 meters is located in the heart of Dubai and presenting you with a spectacular view of Dubai’s beautiful coast. A surreal place that offers luxurious suites with floor-to-floor windows, a true visual delight that seduces your eyes when the sun sets over the coast, and a perfect place to think of if your next move is to propose to her! And if that doesn’t cut it, you can always use your 24-hour butler who’s there to service and satisfy all your needs, unless you are a devious crazy sadist, then I am not so sure.

Dubai Mall – Every woman’s dream

Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Fendi – these are just five out of the 1200 stores in the worlds’ largest mall – everything a woman desires. Now while your girl is shopping like crazy, you can always hit the indoor Ice Rink with your boys, sneak into Victoria’s Secret boutique, or take the kids to the worlds’ largest Candy Store – Candyliciouse. By now you should’ve understood that this is not your ordinary mall. But if you’re still doubtful – Dubai Mall has its annual elite fashion exhibition presented by Vogue, which gifts you with gorgeous models and iconic names such as: Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Valentino, Chanel or Dior.

Ferrari WorldA mans’ ultimate toy

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Ferrari – a mans’ favorite toy. The ultimate brand that makes every man sleepless at night thinking about those sexy curves, those dark sensual colors and that astonishing ass that just makes you speechless. Who needs a woman, when you have a Ferrari? Ferrari World is definitely a place you should have on your bucket list – a world that allows you to get up close and personal with every car ever produced by Ferrari from the Ferrari 125 S to the Ferrari La Ferrari – presenting you with 60 years of magnificent cars.

Masdar CityTodays’ Tomorrow

The world’s populations are going crazy about the current climatic catastrophe that’s endangering millions of species and establishing an unsustainable future, but fear not, Masdar is here! Masdar City, located in Abu Dhabi, is one of the world most sustainable urbanized cities. An enlightening place for entrepreneurs and businesses to study the art of renewable energy and sustainable technologies. A Zero waste, Zero carbon and a fossil fuel free city that aims for the highest quality of life for the lowest environmental impact. The ultimate place to visit if you’re an environmentalist freak.

The Palm IslandArab definition of creativity

Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? Honestly, only Arabs are crazy enough to pull this off. Stretching 6 km into the Arabian Gulf lays the most spectacular creation the world has ever seen. A construction that is so vast, it can be seen from space. A place built only from sand and rocks and has one of the Gulfs’ most amazing accommodations that attract world celebrities like David Beckham and Brad Pitt. A spectacular manmade island that has the coast swirling around every million-dollar accommodation, grand enough to give you a reason to wake up every morning.

Burj KhalifaDubai’s Eiffel Tower


A beautiful unique silver stained tower stretching up to a height of 831 meters making it the world’s tallest building. It’s a fortress that lifts the worlds’ head proudly skyward, surpassing all limits and expectations. A tower that rises elegantly from the deserts’ extractions, honoring and glorifying the city with a proud uplifting monument. Located in the heart of Dubai, with a spectacular view going miles into the horizon. Surrounded by hotels, shopping designations and entertainment options, this is definitely a place you have to visit to proudly say, you’ve been on top of the world.

Atlantis, The PalmAmusement and Tranquility

It’s a thing of beauty. A resort located in Dubai’s reclaimed artificial island, The Palm, which accommodates visitors from around the world with five-star service in the 1,500 suites with private balconies covering a spectacular view over the Persian Gulf. If you think this is just another fancy hotel with sky-high prices, you’re right! But then again the 110 acres five-star resort includes unbelievable attractions, enough to satisfy your woman when taking her to the Ossiano, a “world of mesmerizing tranquility created by the captivating ocean life of the Ambassador Lagoon”. And if the kids start complaining, you can always take them to the 42 acres water park with seven water slides and a 2.3 km river where you can kick back on a comfortable floating aqua-couch which drifts you away, allowing you to enjoy the sun at its best.

Emirates Palace A little above the usual

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Yet again, they’re Arabs, what do you expect? The ultimate Abu Dhabi landmark, a luxurious hotel that serves almost 400 incredible suites furnished in gold and marble, which might be a little too much, but worth every penny when you find out that it’s set in over 100 hectares of beautiful green landscaped garden that also offers an area of 1.3 km of exclusive beaches, two swimming pools, tennis courts, cricket courts, a rugby pitch and its very own football arena.

If you still don’t have that urge or that desire to get your ass down to Dubai, get in line behind my ex-girlfriend and shoot yourself. It is truly a surreal place, which serves all your needs and dreams. Whether it’s dining on top of the world or doing all your crazy shopping, the Gulf is the place to be. Back in the days, the US might have been the “land of opportunities” but now; the Gulf is the real deal!