The Life Of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum As Told By Sheikh Fazza Himself

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My father, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is my tutor in life. I continue to learn from him. I take on his views as guiding stars regarding many strategic issues.

My mother Sheikha Hind – a true icon of a loving and caring mother – brought me up, as a youngster, surrounded by all her love and affection. She still supports in my adulthood in every possible way. I can never forget my mother’s deep devotion and kindness. I have great respect for her. I consider any society that does not value mothers worthless and dishonorable.

I enjoyed a peaceful childhood with my father, mother and siblings. I was raised in an environment that allowed me to realize the true meaning of life and contemplate on the greatness of God.  The natural beauty of the desert gave me a sense of harmony and identification with nature, this is a key poetic influence on me. Since young, along with my father’s guidance, I have developed the capability to preserve and make the impossible possible.

My school and college days were some of the most wonderful times I ever had. I reminisce my school peers and friends. What one learns at military academies, such as Sand-Hurst Military Academy, revolves around the disciplines of virtue, responsibility and commitment. These are crucial values that individuals need in their practical and private lives, especially when they take huge responsibilities.

I am from a family that adores horses. Therefore, there is a strong spiritual connection between me and equestrianism which is a part of my everyday life. I ride horses whenever an opportunity presents itself because it gives me the sense of absolute freedom. I also love to dive in the Gulf; particularly, in the Emirate of Al Fujairah and the Sultanate of Oman. I regularly swim and walk at any time of the day.  I also used to play soccer sometimes. However, my busy life has turned me from being an enthusiastic player into a mere fan.

Being a son of H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid does not give me unconditional authority to relinquish my responsibilities. On the contrary, I feel that my siblings and I are required to be more amenable than others, in line with this commitment to the necessity of performing any work perfectly. From the relative’s perspective, his highness is an ideal head of family who always strives to spend enough time with everyone and care about their concerns in spite of his huge responsibilities. At the same time, he taught us that the relationship with employees should be social and familial.

Fazza represents my poetic identity and personality. The word in the Emirati dialect means a person who hurries to assist others and stand by them. My poetry may fill people’s hearts with happiness and help alleviate their sufferings by expressing their expectations, hopes and revealing the values and deep-rooted principles of the UAE people.

I have been impressed by my father’s fondness of poetry and his Majlis which is attended by poets from the UAE and other countries. I had the chance to be exposed to several experiences shared by these poets, which proved to be of great help to me in identifying and nurturing my own style. My early poetic experiences were encouraged by my father who used to listen to my poems and guide me accordingly, the same way it was for several other poets.

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