The Ultimate Guide for the Best Haircuts for Men (Infographic)

The phrase “dress to impress” is commonly touted from a young age, and for good reason too. Studies have shown that dressing well may raise your confidence level, affect others’ perceptions of you and, in some cases, even improve your workplace productivity. The misconception, however, is that dressing well is limited to the clothes you wear when, really, your wardrobe is only half the battle. So what’s the missing link? Quite simply, your haircut and hairstyle.

A hairstyle, like your clothes, can completely transform the way you look and contribute to stronger self-esteem. The issue is that when a man tries out a hairstyle and thinks it suits him, he never ventures to change it. Men appreciate convenience and oftentimes ward off any major style changes, but is your current hairstyle the best one for you?

According to Men’s Haircuts Today, the ideal and best hairstyles for men can be broken down by face shape (oval, round, square, etc.). For example, certain hairstyles can help to accentuate your masculine jawline or even elongate or shorten the appearance of your face. So before you go back to your barber and ask for the same old haircut, take a look at the infographic below and consider trying a hairstyle optimized for your own face shape.

Best Men's Haircuts

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