The Ultimate Quotes Infographic: 100 Brilliant Minds and What They Said

Everyone has their own little book or digital note on their laptops with their favourite quotes. Be it quotes about life and the meaning of love, to motivational quotes about business and strategy, there is no shortage of “He Said, She Said” out there. Steve Jobs, Oprah or goddamn Joker, they come in all shapes and forms, but they’re scattered everywhere, not categorised enough and hard to browse.

Funding Circle recently produced an info-graphic describing quotes from some of the foremost minds in Business. They’ve worked with illustrator Jordi Machi (whose work can be seen on jordimachi.com) to create unique caricatures of these leaders. The result: “100 Brilliant Minds and What They Said”.

Not anymore! With this compilation of 100 quotes from the brightest minds in Business, your quote bible is all sorted out. All you need to do is check the interactive website Funding Circle set up for your convenience!

Here are some of the gems:

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  • Download the infographic here.
  • Download separate cards here.

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