This Guy Is The Perfect Teacher Of The Year And Dad Of The Year (Video)

This is something we all know: It’s not that we don’t like calculus the day we’re born, or that we suck at physics and chemistry naturally, but it’s the type of teacher we have that determines our inclination to enjoy a certain topic or not. People don’t go to college thinking they’d pass out during the Maths class because that’s what college is about. We all go excited to learn something, to know more, to build a better self, yet when you stumble upon a teacher who makes you hate a lesson more than you hate taxes, then you can’t help but give up and call it a day. Teachers make or break students. We’re not born with different aptitudes and abilities, we’re made to think that we suck at some things and are good at others.

A good teacher like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way of others.

Then, when you see and hear about people like this guy, you know there is still good in this world, and there are still people who teach not because they can’t do anything else, but because they love what they do and they enjoy every second of being with students. Faith in humanity restored!

Check the video here: