Tier5: Google for your network

Through conferences, networking events, friends, and co-workers, professionals are connected more than ever. The average LinkedIn member has 300 connections, whereas the average “super connector” can have well over 500. It is no secret that highly connected people have a hard time keeping track of all of their connections. This is why a new start-up, Tier5, is tackling the organizational problem of one’s network. Google for your network.

Why spend your whole life building a strong network if you can’t access its full potential. This past week, Tier5 launched its TODO application in the Google Chrome store and was recently published on the new Y-Combinator portfolio company, Product Hunt.

Tier5 uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to break down a user’s tasks in order to understand the underlying meaning of the text. Through an advanced algorithm that sorts keywords, relational antonyms, and grammatical structure, Tier5 truly understands what is needed to complete each task.

Throughout the next several months, Tier5 will also be adding frequent updates to improve the NLP, such as breaking down a task into its component sub-tasks in order to better understand the overarching goal. Altogether, Tier5 strives to simplify the way that its users interact with their massive and unorganized networks in a way that makes discovering the right people as simple as entering a task.

You can visit Tier5’s website by clicking here. If you like what you have read, download the chrome extension now.

Disclosure: I am the CEO and Founder of Tier5. 

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