Time To Rethink Messaging: ChimeTime Wants To Change The Way You Text

Time and time again, innovative minds have attempted to add a touch of personality to generic text-based communications, but nothing has really stuck. Until now. ChimeTime is offering iPhone users a chance to see why “messaging never sounded so good”.

The idea is simple. ChimeTime is a messaging app that allows the sender to attach a sound to their messages, replacing the recipient’s notification tone upon delivery.

It has a way of warming up digital interactions that are usually cold, and lacking tone. It’s a small addition, but it makes a big difference. There’s an energy surrounding my ChimeTime conversations that doesn’t exist in typical text conversations. It’s just plain fun, and kind of addicting.

From a single glance at its bright colors, big buttons and furry mascot, it’s obvious to see that ChimeTime was built to hold appeal with a younger audience. But upon further investigation, there’s nothing childish about the way this app was built.

So what was the inspiration?

“Honestly, I have a friend who’s terrible at making jokes,” said Kevin Hanna, one of ChimeTime’s founders. “In our group chats, we’d always give him a hard time about it. We were playing around one day, saying that it would be great if we could send a sound effect every time he made an awful joke. That was it. We formed an LLC the next day, and got to work.”

With over 100 sounds produced by the same studio responsible for Guitar Hero, custom icons, a custom API, an impossibly simple interface and a promise to never charge for what they already offer, ChimeTime means business.

Getting a girl I’ve been seeing to join ChimeTime is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. With the addition of a smoochy sound here and the occasional cat call there, digital flirting is taken to a whole new level.

I also got my entire fantasy football league to join up, and we’re having a blast. The arsenal of available sounds adds a layer to our trash talk that never existed before. Losing a fantasy football game stings a lot more when you’re being taunted by the sounds of a laughing baby, or a plane falling from the sky and crashing into the ground — a perfect metaphor for my dreams of fantasy football domination.

With no ads, no price tag and a promise to never charge for their app, at this point ChimeTime is purely a labor of love for its creators. And that love shows. In my use with the app, I didn’t need to learn how to use it. ChimeTime works because … well, it just works. It’s simple and intuitive — two hallmarks of a great app.

Photo Credit: We Heart It

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