Its That Time Of Year Again: 5 Ways To Really Fall For The Fall This Year

I truly love the this time of the year. The freshness that takes place during the humid mornings, the smell of that cold yet energizing scent and of course, the sight of those absolutely uplifting colors dashing on the trees lurking around every corner.

Even though for some of us it may take some time to get use to the whole cool autumn breeze, fall is an amazing time of the year that can do wonders – people fall in love, cappuccino in the park becomes a thing and being eligible for a new fresh start is definitely a possibility. Now just like every season, the fall posses a unique set of traits that allows you to settle for a while, giving you time to exhale and take a good look at things.

1. Embrace every morning and make it count

Now I know getting out of bed aint east, specially when its cold as hell outside, but try! Try waking up early a couple of times a week to inhale that fall spirit. Go for a run or a walk, tune on your favorite music and truly embrace the refreshing air. Trust me, its going to be worth it.

In fact it may be so good you’ll repeat the very next day. And if you do, I promise you you’ll day will turn out to be so much better, guaranteeing you an awesome start.

2. Cappuccino dates are a thing

Coffee is a lifesaver, there is no way we would make it through the fall without it. I mean not only do we need it in the mornings, but we find it difficult to not go on mini coffee dates during happy our. Sitting their, actually comprehending what your saying, hearing your own thoughts – so refreshing!

Now Im not only talking about coffee breaks here. The whole season is there to allow you to dig deeper into who you really are, to clear your head and maybe even become a little more romantic. So in case your feeling fuzzy inside then your used to – its the autumn.

3. Go out and explore

This is the ultimate time to go out, and as the romance starts to kick in, why not head to a theater play, a concert or hey, why not a museum. Discover something new and uplift yourself – wether its attending a Jazz concert with a glass of red wine or an exhibition of something you have never seen, go for it! And if your thinking of wether or not your actually going to attempt something as “wild” as this, ask yourself this: is sitting at home watching a seasons of cops in the middle of October better than going out?

4. Be who you are

Precisely this time of ┬áthe year right here, right now, everything is the way you like it. The weather, the cozy cloths, the coffee shops – everything is perfect! So with that being said, do what you want to do, throw on whatever comfy sexy cloths you have and do what makes you happy.

5. Take time to recap on your previous year

Fall is a great time to reflect and go through your year. Take a look at your achievements and what you maybe need to work on in the future. I mean hey, do it while you can because as soon as winter hits, I doubt you’ll be able to think your life through.

Picture Credit: We Heart It