Tips for Making Your Own Fortune and Getting Rich

Wealth. Luxury. Financial success. That’s what springs to mind when you might think about life in the Gulf. Sure, the salaries are on the top end of the scale, globally, but not everyone manages to make it into the world of the rich. However, with some careful planning and patience, you can really increase your income and make your way into the world of the rich.

First of all, it’s time for a reality check. Unless you’ve been born into a family where trust funds are opened automatically or you’re lucky enough to cash in on a current trend like Michelle Phan or Felix Kjellberg — and let’s face it, there is a finite number of both of these — then the odds of becoming rich will likely take time and resources.

Possibly the most important asset you could have is a good education. Didn’t get a great college degree? Time to go back and get one. Improve those grades. For the average Millennial, having a mediocre education or following the drop-out route isn’t likely to be as successful as it was for previous generations when apprenticeships were more highly valued than they are today. Education is key. Better qualifications get you interviews, helping you to score better jobs with higher salaries, which is the solid base you need to get started with.

It’s also important to use this money wisely. Start saving from the word go. If 10% is too much, start with just 5% of your paycheck. It’s tempting to keep up with the Gulf lifestyle; after all, there are signs of wealth all around you and if you look at the money in your wallet and your bank balance, you probably could afford the latest gadgets and a luxury apartment. But hold your metaphorical horses and hold off buying a real one.

As for your savings, it’s better to invest them than leave them languishing in a bank account that has hardly any interest thanks to inflation. Investing is an art unto itself and you’ll need to research your area properly. A safe bet, however, is always real estate, either properties to rent out or land for development, but you need a huge chunk of change to go down that route. Start with small investments in the stock market, avoiding the temptation to make a quick buck. Look for investments that you think will pay off in the long run and don’t fall into the trap of buying and selling stocks and shares as they go up and down. Leave that to the professionals who have money to throw away. Instead, invest wisely and weather the storm.

While your investments are increasing in value, you should focus on working your way up the career ladder. Stay in one job long enough to get the valuable experience you need to create a wonderful resumé and when the time is right, look for new opportunities that serve to build on your career.

Slowly, but surely, your assets will increase, and you’ll have more to add to the pot. And finally, one day, you’ll be able to define your material worth as a fortune. A self-made one, which will be all the more valuable.