Transformers Are Upon Us: This New Self-Driving Truck Is Beyond Awesome!

After years of talking about self-driving cars, now is the time to up the level and talk about self-driving trucks! Daimler unveiled the first self-driving truck to be granted a license to operate in Nevada, which is a first in the US.

Wolfgang Bernhard, the board member overseeing truck operations at Freightliner’s parent, Daimler, laid it plainly:

“An autonomous system never gets tired, never gets distracted. It is always on 100 percent.”

CNBC noted that “Proponents of autonomous vehicles also contend the technology will reduce fuel consumption and emissions and improve roadway utilization—translating into more cars operating more smoothly on crowded urban roads.”

How long before Optimus Prime rolls over on your backyard? Seems like it will happen sooner than you think!

Check the video here:

Photo Credit: Olisa TV