UAE Cybersecurity Startup VUL9 to Jointly Service Government of Sudan with NCTR

On April 3rd, UAE based cybersecurity company VUL9 Security Solutions signed an MoU with Sudan’s Nile Centre for Technology Research, in preparation for a comprehensive partnership that will see the two entities work closely on revamping cybersecurity efforts across government and public institutions in the Republic of Sudan.

The two institutions are technology pioneers in their own markets of operations. NCTR is the first specialized research and development center in Sudan. It was established in 2007 under the umbrella of the Sudanese National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC), and was later registered as a Limited Liability Company. NCTR provides a wide range of products and is tasked with developing technologies on the hardware and software levels to address local needs of Sudanese private and public entities. The NCTR’s innovative work encompasses e-government services and online payment services, for which the organisation was awarded at the ITU Telecom World twice in a row.

VUL9 is a multinational cybersecurity company with an HQ in the UAE and two operating offices in Casablanca and Khartoum. The company, heralded regionally as one of the most promising technology startups by Forbes Middle East, specialises in helping institutions become cyber resilient by hacking them first in order to showcase how individuals, groups or nation states can hack them. Using a world class team of ethical hackers, the company offers unparalleled penetration testing services and has grown over the past 2 years of operation into a full fledged cybersecurity firm with services in security audits, training, certifications, forensics, alongside its proprietary suite of products and solutions.

The partnership between the two organisations comes at a time when Sudan is slowly emerging from international sanctions and an embargo that lasted two decades. Thanks to national efforts to modernise and re-integrate Sudan with international markets, the country is now putting in place the necessary technological foundations that will allow its private and public institutions to position themselves globally. Cybersecurity, hence, has been signalled as key pillar for this digital transformation given the government’s move towards e-services and cashless payments, and given the private sector’s growing adoption of mobility and online presence to appeal to various stakeholders.

Commenting on this strategic partnership, NCTR’s managing director Eng. Elwaleed Bashir said:

“This is a special day for us at NCTR. We are delighted to see that our strategic objectives of forming smart partnerships and building capacities at company and country levels are being realized. Providing outstanding information security products, services, and training has always been a major strength for NCTR. With this partnership, we are ready to take such strength to the next level, solidify our position as local industry leaders, and provide value that is much needed.”

The partnership is set to focus on 4 pillars: 

1. The establishment of a smart Security Operation Centre that will service government entities and enhance their cybersecurity posture,

2. The set up of a world class penetration testing team that will ensure all government e-services and platforms are properly vetted before deployment to the public

3. Training of local human resources to develop national cybersecurity capacity

4. Joint research and development to deploy security solutions that address challenges faced by the public and private sector

The partnership between NCTR and VUL9 is an example of cross national partnerships between locally grown technology companies tackling local and regional challenges, and is supposed to dramatically enhance cyber resilience on a national level so as to ensure the digital transformation of Sudan is built on strong security foundations.

About NCTR

NCTR was founded in 2007 as the first specialized R&D center in Sudan. The center provides a wide range of products, services and solutions that cover different aspects of the ICT fields such as Information security, networks, communication, electronics and radio systems, software solutions and consultations. NCTR’s solutions drive governmental agencies, private companies, enterprises and businesses to better work environments and higher organizational efficiency. NCTR also pays great attention to the advancement of applied research, and therefore, has founded three specialized research centers in the most prestigious universities in Sudan.

About VUL9

VUL9 is a cybersecurity company specialising in Networks and System Safety, Payment Security, Infrastructure Defense and Data Protection. VUL9’s highly skilled team of experts and specialists have located breaches and remediated to vulnerabilities on major Fortune 500 Technology companies including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Cisco and Adobe among others. With presence across the UAE, Morocco and Sudan, VUL9 is the fastest growing cybersecurity company in the MENA region and has been recognised as one of the top 50 startups to watch by Forbes Middle East.

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