UAE Strikes Inside Libya Without Notifying Big Brother

It seems like the USA is becoming irrelevant in todays’ conflicts, whether it is in the Ukraine or Syria, Iraq or Libya, they are starting to lose it. So while the US war machine is put on hold, other countries are growing a pair and doing what’s needed in order to fill the void Washington left in the Middle East.

We’re talking about the United Arab Emirates, a nation that has not only proven to be an economic giant by international standards, but also a fine political and diplomatic power set on cleaning the mess that is sweeping the region. Recent reports confirmed that the UAE has carried airstrikes inside Libya, at least twice in the past week, using Egyptian airbases. The airstrikes targeted Islamist militants in Tripoli who were set on taking control of parts of the city, including its main airport.

This is the first time in history the country has pulled something like this off, especially knowing that the UAE has a long history of non intervention and strong ties with the US. Carrying an attack in a foreign country, without notifying the US command, is just unheard of! I mean they just stuck it to their face, proving that when it really comes down to it, nobody can stop them, showing that when there is hesitation  in dealing with threats in the Middle East, someone is going to step in and take whatever measures are needed to prevent disaster.

What did the US have to say about it?

“We don’t see this as constructive at all,” said one senior American official. (NY Times)

Guess it’s more productive to sit on the sideline and watch as militants take control of key infrastructure in Libya, hijacking planes and storming governmental institutions right?

Photo Credit: NY Times