The UAE On Its Way To Conquer The Red Planet

They built the largest mall in the world, they raised the tallest building ever, they use million-dollar police patrol cars, they’re on their way on build the first ever temperature controlled city and they have the only seven star hotel in the world. You guessed right, we’re talking about the oil rich United Arab Emirates, a tiny country that is taking the world by storm! The UAE has plenty of ambition for the future, and they got the money to fund their wildest projects, so you might just ask yourself,what mind boggling nuts project are they working on now?


Yeah, goddamn Mars. It seems that planet Earth is simply not enough and therefor the UAE is flying millions of kilometers away to make a point.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, the visionary emir of Dubai and vice president of the UAE, announced the big news in a statement on Wednesday, “We chose the epic challenge of reaching Mars because epic challenges inspire us and motivate us.”

Now some might question whether the UAE will manage  to pull this off at the end of the day, and the answer for that is simple: $5.4 Billion. That’s how much the country is investing in space exploration programs, and it shows how committed they are to making this vision come true.

The thing about the UAE is, when they say they’ll do something, you bet your ass they will. Other countries in the run to make it to Mars may have the skills and the human capital to succeed, but they lack the money and ambition, making it unclear whether they would meet their deadlines and convince their taxpayers that sending a couple of people to Mars is worth it. Good news for the UAE, they can afford financing their wildest fantasies, which is great because we get to see great things happen in a short time.

Sheikh Mohamed clearly said it: “They say the sky is the limit… and we say that the sky and the outer space is just the beginning”.

Thats what we need in this world, bold endeavors and grand ambitions. The UAE is setting the standards for what the future will look like, and we have one response to that: Let’s do it!

Here is a video simulation for the project that the UAE released upon the announcement of the Mars project.

Photo Credit: Webpronews