UAE Women Strike Again: This Time In Fighter Jets

UAE women never cease to impress us! On top of being one of the smartest female populations in the MENA region and the world, one of the most educated and one of the most refined ladies out there, they are also one of the most kickass military you’ll ever meet.

It comes as no surprise by now to hear about the USA and several other Arab allies launching airstrikes inside Syria and Iraq. The continuous aerial bombings have been targeting several ISIS compounds and arsenal, in an attempt to terminate the group and halt its expansion in the region. But what’s surprising is what the UAE ambassador to the US, Yousef Al Otaiba, announced recently: There are female jet pilots participating in the airstrikes. Mr Al Otaiba also announced that F-16 pilot, Major Mariam Al Mansouri, will lead the aerial missions. – That’s when you’re supposed to think “Daaamn”! –

“I can officially confirm that the UAE strike mission on Monday night was led by female fighter pilot Mariam Al Mansouri. She is a fully qualified, highly trained, combat-ready pilot and she is on a mission.” – Al Otaiba

It is worth noting that Major Mariam Al Mansouri has an undergraduate degree in English literature. Major Mariam is an icon for Emirati females aspiring to be leaders in their respective fields of interests. Be it the army, business or arts, UAE women ought to thrive and set an example for others as to how successful and dedicated women can be, and that gender is not to be seen as an impediment in their quest for glory.

Photo Credit: The National