Turn Down For What? Why Being Bold Is The Ultimate Secret To Becoming Successful

Being successful is hard, tiring, and sometimes impossible. At least that’s how we all perceive it because we hear about so few who have mastered the art of success that we think we´ll never be able to be part of that Elite society. But let me tell you something: Whether you think you can or you cant, you’re probably right. It all boils down to you and how much you believe in yourself. You are your success’s own maker and destroyer, and there are few things you have to do and believe in if you want to tip the odds in your favor.

You were brought to this world for greatness

You were born with greatness. The world will never come to terms with its full potential because too many people spend too many years of their lives wondering: “What if.” What if I pursued my goals? What if I followed my passion? What if I knew what my purpose was? What if you spent less time contemplating those questions and more time focusing on how to impact the world using your passion, fulfilling your purpose, and unleashing your potential? But, what if I don’t know my purpose in life? What if I can’t follow my passion because I can’t afford to leave the comfort of my job or the security of the lifestyle I’ve built for myself? Well, what if…..you stopped focusing on what you can’t do and started focusing on what you can do? You can make an impact. You can make a difference. You are talented, gifted, and good enough. You were given the right tools, knowledge, and resources to take you out of this scarcity mindset all you have to do is stop wasting your time, effort and energy on the what if’s.

You only have shot, one try, thats it

You get one shot to leave an imprint on the world. One shot to make a difference, impact others, and leave a legacy. Most people spend their one shot full of anger, bitterness, and regret. The most successful individuals in the world spend their one shot learning, growing, and developing into better people. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. You’re one shot is going to include ups and downs. It’s going to include pain, fear, anger, sorrow, joy, love, happiness, success, and a whole bunch of other emotions but at the end of your life I hope you live to regret nothing. I hope you take a risk. I hope if you fall you get back up and try again. I hope if you fail you learn to be a better person and move on. I hope you know what love is and fall in love with everything you do. If there was ever a moment for you to cherish it’s this one. Now is your time. Today is your day. Impact the world in a way that you’ll be remembered for your regret nothing attitude. The difference between those who have everything and those who have nothing comes down to one simple world. Gratitude. Be grateful you were given the opportunity to have this one shot and remember nothing matters more then what you do with the one shot you were given. Now go do something great!

With love comes ability

Love like there is no tomorrow. Give everything. Leave nothing. Love is a superpower very few people understand. Its support, comfort, encouragement, and care through good times and bad. Love compels people to do things they may otherwise be overwhelmed with or have a difficult time completing. Have you ever noticed in life and business things come so much easier when you love what you do, where you’re going and the people, places, and power that surrounds you? Have you noticed how much easier things seem to be when you don’t feel pressured? That’s love. Love is the most underestimated power of the planet.

Desire and power walk hand in hand

There is nothing that will drive you more and drive you harder than a desire. Weather it’s a desire to win or a desire to improve, that desire will impact every decision you make. Your brain can learn anything. It has the ability to learn science, religion, politics, or whatever it wants, but I can guarantee that if your heart is not in it to win it, the goals you set out to achieve for yourself will never get accomplished. Your purpose is so much greater than the challenges you face. Your passion will push you to levels you never thought imaginable. But if your core desire isn’t aligned with your values and beliefs then what you want to accomplish and what you actually accomplish will be two completely different things.

As you finish reading this piece I want you to realize there is no one more important than you. You were born for greatness. You get one shot to live the life you truly desire and when you do it with all the love you have in your heart, even more people will be impacted and more money will be made then you’ll ever know what to do with. That’s purpose. That’s passion. And that’s the desire that drives you to wake up early and stay up late. To stay committed 100% and move through each challenge stronger, and more confident then you ever were before. If there is one piece of advice I want you to live by today and each day, it is this: Be BOLD! Because nothing else matters.

Picture Credit: Tumblr.