Unleash 2016 Speakers Spotlight: Asia Newson

11 years old. Co-Founder and CEO of Candle Company Super Business Girls. Known as one of America’s youngest entrepreneurs.

Asia Newson is known as Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur. At just twelve years old, she makes and sells her own candles and merchandise under her business Super Business Girl. Asia’s mission is to “recognize the true potential in every child and to develop intrinsic security that makes optimum use of their individualized talent”.

She was born and raised in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood. She started Super Business Girl at the age of five years old, learning how to make candles from her father. She’s won numerous awards, including being named on the Grio’s top 100 list. Asia hopes to open up shop in downtown Detroit, become the cities “youth mayor”, but also finish school so she can attend Michigan State University.


Asia has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show, America’s Got Talent, Disney World, MSNBC, 20/20 ABC News, NPR … just to name a few. She was featured in preeminent photographer Bruce Weber Detroit exhibit and was a keynote speaker for TEDxDetroit and Accelerate Michigan. When Asia isn’t making candles, public speaking, being a community activist, conducting workshops or empowering other at risk youth to become entrepreneurs, she’s excelling in schools, rapping, dancing, and enjoying being a young person.

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