Unleash 2016: The World’s Most Unconventional Gathering of Young Talent in Pictures

Young people throughout the world have been attempting to reclaim their voices and their future, especially in a world led by a generation that’s been undermining Gen Y and Z as lazy and entitled. One of the recent platforms that has managed to successfully push Gen Y to the forefront and highlight its numerous achievements and talents is Pangea. Recently, Pangea concluded one of its flagship conferences, Unleash 2016, that took place in Madrid, Spain.

The Bar Is Now Set for Youth Conferences and Young Talent Gatherings!

Unleash 2016 consisted of a series of talks provided by some of the brightest under-25 world-recognized individuals, a redefined networking environment, and unbelievable youth live performances. Some of the speakers taking the stage at the event included many Forbes 30Under30 recipients, the world’s youngest chef prodigy and a 13 year old young entrepreneur and CEO to name just a few.

For those who missed the chance and couldn’t attend Unleash 2016, here is the event in pictures!

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