UNLEASH: The World’s Most Unconventional Meeting of Young Talent (June 8-10, 2016)

PANGEA Is Back At It

Do you remember the greatest display of young talent ever held in history? Think no further, because it was The 2015 Starting Point and it took place in Madrid as Pangea’s first global event. This global conference gathered over 200 determined youths around a single purpose: proving that being young is never a limitation, but the greatest asset of all. Inspiring speakers, unforgettable encounters and engaging workshops made The 2015 Starting Point a truly unique experience for those who were part of it.

The main idea behind The 2015 Starting Point was to create a meeting place where young people could be inspired, empowered and connected. The speakers invited at such conference came to transmit a message: To motivate their generation to take action and work towards realizing its dreams with unlimited passion.

The great news is that Pangea is back and ready to do it again. Pangea started this adventure out of the feeling that the youth was too often underestimated as regards to its potential and what it could achieve. “I now know that I can do it, that I can transform my world” was definitely the crucial thing people said over and over again at The 2015 Starting Point and Pangea is set to make it happen.

It Takes a Show

The youth is unconventional; it does not conform to the common standards, attitudes and practices. Rather, in its greatest moments, the youth reinvents mainstream into something different, exciting and unprecedented. Perhaps the excitement for change can fade away from time to time but it is always there, rooted in young passion. Occasionally, it may take a show to revive it, and this is why Pangea is bringing you UNLEASH: to celebrate young energy and dynamism in the form of a revolutionary experience.

Forget about the events you have attended, the traditional formats and programs. UNLEASH is re- inventing the way you feel thrilled, dazzled or speechless for you to live an atypical experience. UNLEASH will immerse you in a breathtaking atmosphere that will appeal to your strongest emotions and ultimately ignite your inner spark to realize the extraordinary moment you are being part of.

An Awesome Experience

UNLEASH will change the way you become inspired, it will make you feel limitless, ready to take on mission impossible. Be prepared to unleash a passionate, ambitious and daring part of yourself you never even knew existed. Don’t be afraid to release your inner rebel as a representative of this generations potential. Let the dreamful, passionate and daring part of you to be unleashed, let it drive you to play your role of defiant youth and rebel to transform your life.

The Stage

Unleash will start by casting a light on the international guest speakers, some of the most exceptional young personalities of our generation. Being all of them below 25 years, they will share their sensational stories and experiences in an authentically captivating performance which will let you envision what you as a young individual are capable of doing and persuade you to follow your dreams. Their speeches are going to be the defining factor to prove you that whatever crazy hair brained idea you may have, it is possible!

Panels revolving around worlds such that of potential, talent and creativity will be a central part of The Show. Speakers from diverse domains and backgrounds will share their views on the important intervening factors that lead potential to be expressed in its full capacity and why it is especially crucial that it is oriented but not refrained.

The Festival

The Festival is where we as a young, curious and dynamic community have the opportunity to interact. It is where everyone comes together in a charismatic and energy filled atmosphere.

During UNLEASH, The Festival will be the equivalent of a networking area designed to foster interaction and the sharing of thoughts and impressions between the attendees. This area, unlike any other networking place you’ve ever been to, has been specially reimagined to fit UNLEASH’s spirit and purpose.

The Festival will be full of live entertainment, an energetic yet cool atmosphere and will bring you the opportunity to explore, discover and participate in the coolest activities as a great generation!

The Pangea Awards

During UNLEASH we will introduce the first edition of The Pangea Award. An incredible recognition created to honor a significant achievement attained by a young passionate and determined individual within our own generation.

By holding The Pangea Award we want to primarily acknowledge the courage and effort of those who dared to believe in their dreams strongly enough to accomplish them and cared about a cause deeply enough to do something about it. It takes courage to be young, and we believe that transforming the challenge into an opportunity deserves to be rewarded.

Great shows end with a big applause and a standing ovation, and it is no doubt that UNLEASH will do as well.

Apply Now!

No CVs or any academic/education requirements, all you need is the right attitude, passion, and determination! Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both usually right. Where do you stand? Apply now at Unleash.Website and start crafting your own path!

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