Your Vacation Home in Switzerland Needs a Snow Fence Too

You usually install snow fences because of one of two reasons:

  • Preventing the pile up of snow in some areas.
  • Collecting water in a defined location.

The good news is that snow fencing is not at all difficult to install. You can create a fence by using various different materials like plastic, wood or even living material. Every single snow fencing type has advantages and disadvantages so the choice should be based on actual needs.

If you want to be sure that snow fences are properly installed you can always hire a professional. However, the project is not that difficult so anyone with a DIY affinity can install snow fencing. If this is you, here are the steps that need to be followed.

Research Important Information

You want to install the snow fence in the best place and you need to know how much you will need. Research helps you with that. You want to see what main wind direction is in the area where you live and snow transport rate data should be read. Average snow fall in the region has to be found out. These are factors that automatically influence successful snow fence installation. Homeowners do add snow fences because they want more protection from snowfall effects in their home, garden or surrounding environment.

Preparing And Planning

Now it is time to plan the fence and get all the items that are going to be needed during the installation phase. Locate snow fences upwind at all times for a proper positioning. Measure all that is necessary in order to be sure that you have the right quantities of the materials you are to buy. Always right down information so you have it at hand when needed.

Make the decision of material you will use and then buy everything that you will need. Make sure that you do not forget the needed tools in the event you do not already have them. Never use metal U-posts for snow fencing as this is not at all recommended. Everything that you buy should be stored in the same place before work starts. Double check when you think that you have all you need.

Installing Snow Fence Posts

Take a spade and dig the needed holes. Posts should be buried around one third of total height. Dig post holes around eight feet apart in order to have proper support. Put the posts inside the holes and fill them. Make sure you compact dirt and check posts so they are sturdy.

Installing Snow Fencing

Use fence ties in order to attach the chosen materials to the previously installed posts. Support wire should be added at end posts so plastic snow fencing is not going to sag in the future. This will guarantee that the fence is sturdier.

On the whole, snow fencing is affordable and highly reliable. You can easily control the areas where snow ends up, like stopping snow from piling into roads. As you can see, installation is simple but if you have doubts, hire professionals.