VUL9 and M3KOD Announce Partnership to Bring Web and Mobile Development Know How to the UAE

Morocco is not alway synonymous with technology and startups, yet UAE based cybersecurity company VUL9 didn’t think twice before reaching out to Morocco based startup M3KOD in order to bring Moroccan web development know-how to the UAE.

VUL9 Security Solutions, a company started by Moroccan entrepreneurs Mohamed Amine Belarbi and Mohamed Zakariae El Khdime, knows all too well the potential of sourcing technology and services from their home country. The majority of their ethical hackers are from Morocco, and as such they are acquainted with the technology landscape back there.

“We always wondered, as we dealt with various clients across the Middle East, why Moroccan technology was not as widespread. We are acquainted with how great Moroccan geeks are, everything from Mobile and Web development, to cybersecurity and IoT. Moroccan startups can deliver services and products in a fashion that is twice as good than local and regional service providers, and probably for less the cost. We decided to scout for a Web and Mobile Development team back in Morocco in order to introduce them not only to our portfolio of clients, but also to companies across the UAE and the GCC, and that’s how we connected with M3KOD”. – VUL9

M3KOD has already made a name for itself in Morocco, notably by working with marquee clients and partnering with leading events in Morocco such as the Marrakesh Grand Prix. Their portfolio includes platforms and apps that already made the buzz, such as Ville Propre which was widely covered on publication such as Wamda.

Commenting on the new partnership, M3KOD’s team had this to say:

Mouhsin Bour Qaiba, Co-founder & CEO

“Since the creation M3KOD , we decided to export our “Mobile and web solutions ” to international markets, especially in Europe where more than 80% of our customers are based. We are currently focusing on building a stronger presence in the GCC with our new partner VUL9, an industry leader in cybersecurity. In return, we are going to promote VUL9’s services in the Moroccan market and abroad. I’m very happy and optimistic about this collaboration.”

Mostapha El Alaoui – CTO & Co Founder

“VUL9 Security Solutions’ team is professional and ambitious. We worked together on past projects and were really satisfied by the result. We are happy to formalize our partnership. Unity is strength! “

Mustapha Amraoui – Art director & Co Founder

“I’m very excited about our new partnership with VUL9, and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our two businesses.”