Warren Buffett Settles The Deal: Hillary Will Run For President

When Warren Buffet speaks, everyone listens, and when he bets, the odds are that he will most likely be right. Warren made yet another bet recently, not against the fall of the Dollar or the price of gold, but a far more important one. At Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit, Billionaire Warren Buffett made it clear that Hillary was going to run and was going to win when he stated “Hillary is going to win. I will bet money on it.”

At this point it seems that Hillary is set on running for president, or at least her actions very much point in that direction. From her visits to different key states, speaking engagements and hints dropped here and there during her rallies, Hillary is definitely getting ready for a presidential run, unless she’s doing all of that for fun which is outright nuts.

It’s worth noting that Hillary is now a grandma after her daughter, Chelsea, gave birth to a beautiful baby recently. Imagine the badass stories her grandkid would hear if Hillary goes all the way to the oval office. I wish both my grandparents could have been presidents. What are the odds?!

Photo credit: Fox News

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